New Specialized Shiv TT Disc

Yep yep, and you can do affirm or whatever to make monthly payments that way. Just trying to be tongue in cheek :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmm my previous gen Shiv TT was stolen recently, so I may actually be in the market for one of these now. One of the things putting me off is the fact that it only comes with 50T chainring. Has anyone heard news of SRAM coming out with anything larger? I think I saw a 52T, but that’s still not in the realm of most TT setups.

I absolutely love the new Shiv TT…as the owner of an orignal version (nosecone) Shiv, I need the long / low geometry this offers.

But at $14K, there ain’t no chance in hell I am ever getting one. :tired_face:

Interesting that for the geo they actually reverted back to the nosecone geo, whcih had a 495 stack across the board (except for the XS). At some point, they added a bit of stack to the bike, but not certain when.

Surprised they aren’t offereing an XL because the L really isn’t all the big. I am 175cm and ride a Large. I could also ride a M with the pads in the forward position, I think. I had it mapped out at one point…

I priced out what it would take to replace my stolen previous gen Shiv TT with all the same parts, and it’s like $12k for last gen tech vs. $14k for the new kid on the block, so I think in my case it’s almost a no brainer given I can get roughly the same fit on it. I rode the XL with the pads in the rearward position, which is 493mm reach, and the new L is 506mm with the pads in the forward position, so not quite the same, but kind of close-ish…

For comparison’s sake, the last gen XL in the forward position is 515mm, and the new L in forward is 506mm… so only 9mm difference. It looks like they sized the new L in between the old L and XL.

You should check out the Premier Tactical. Long and low geometry, outstanding aerodynamics and arguably the best value in the market.

If I was gonna get a new TT bike, that would likely be my first choice.

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Hello guys,
Pulling out this topic due to a discussion I had with my local mechanic over my Sworks Shiv Tri Disc. Apparently, he did something to handlebar and now it does not gets back to center automatically. Internet says its the Future Shock system. Is any shiv owner familiar with this?

  • Say what now? Did I miss something… because I don’t think there is anything Future Shock related to this bike.

  • The Future Shock is on their Roubaix, Diverge and Sirrus bikes but not the Shiv, AFAIK.

  • Can you describe this more? I am not entirely sure I know what this means.