New Saris H4 Trainer (Hammer 4)

Same thing I was thinking

I couldn’t pass up the $384 price.

@dcrainmaker just added a first post to his blog.

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I still feel pretty good about my fire sale H3. Seems like a lot of the updates are about filling out the sales comparison grid.


Same… The H3 will meet all my requirements.


100%. I pulled the trigger on mine this morning as a ‘spare’, and then saw the ‘new saris coming’. I don’t even think this will affect the resale of an H3 all that much. Honestly the new zwift trainer at $500 is likely to do the most regarding trainer resale values if it ends up being good.

As you should, IMO. True 12-speed compatibility is nice, as is the pending Auto-Calibration (assuming it works well). The increased accuracy and higher grade/resistance are likely not really worthwhile.

Worse yet, they have stuck with the case design that has clear issues with some fixed thru axle handles. Sure, you can get around this with a purchase of an axle with a moving handle or one that is tool-only, but it’s an extra step that should not be necessary.

Notably absent from the DCR article is the lack of mention about multiple BLE channels. That seemed to be the whole reason for the mention in the Zwift Hub video, so it’s odd to me that it’s not listed. Please correct me if I have missed it, as that is a potential + in the column that makes it functionally superior to the hold H3.

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He mentions it in the first paragraph of the “wrap-up” section:

That pricing gap is fair, since new trainers from those other companies have added features non-performance features like multi-channel Bluetooth Smart (Elite/Wahoo), rocking feet (Elite/Tacx/Wahoo), or integration with riser systems (Elite/Wahoo). Plus a smattering of other features.

To me, that reads that it does not have the multi-Bluetooth capability.


OK, I may well have just misunderstood Ray in the video mention. Thanks for the info :smiley:

ETA: I just re-watched the clip and Ray seemed to say “I think it has multiple BLE…” (my terrible paraphrase), so it looks like he may have expected that, but it’s not the case now that he got the full details? Not sure, but if it lacks that in reality, it’s another missed opportunity from Saris.


Yeah, the wording on the tech specs I received seemed to imply it (dual-BLE), but I think it was just one of those sentences where a comma would have made things clearer. The reason for me waiting to publish today was going back and re-confirming that piece there. Sadly, confirmed as not dual BLE.


I’m guessing that if they kept the design the same, I’m certain the 12 speed compatibility can be purchased as an aftermarket item for the H3 (cassette body plus adapters). I’m certain some people are using 12 speed bikes on the H3 now anyways.

Thanks. Looks like a typical spam/garbage copy content site. :frowning:

Sadly, I’ve found trying to get removals is a waste of time/energy, and just a never-ending goose chase. That said, I’ve written down the URL, so if you want to zap it above, it’ll reduce their SEO ranking.

As far as other sources, they had sent over the press release and spec sheets/changes with the embargo date of today (no time listed) while they were sorting out delivery logistics. Maybe they’re planning on doing a formal PR newswire tomorrow when it lists on

  1. Now supports 12-speed road bikes, whereas the previous H3 didn’t
  2. Increased claimed accuracy to +/- 1.0 (was +/- 2.0%)
  3. Increased simulated gradient from 20% to 25%
  4. Increased wattage resistance from 2,000w to 2,300w
  5. Added new autocalibration feature, likely similar to what we’ve seen recently on Elite/Wahoo/Tacx trainers.
  6. Saris says they’ve also improved cadence accuracy
  7. Changed color scheme back to a yellow accented one (from grey/black accents)
  1. Meh…I use 9 speed on my trainer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  2. Pretty sure I’ll never notice the difference.
  3. Where do you need to simulate a 25% grade? Honest Q.
  4. LOL…as if I would ever sniff the old limits.
  5. A nice-to-have feature, but not something I “need”
  6. Never noticed any inaccuracies in the first place
  7. :man_shrugging:

Yup…I’m feeling pretty damn good about my recent H3 on blowout right now. :sunglasses:

  • I deleted my post with the info to prevent future follows.
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Damn, torn here. Almost pulled the trigger on an H3 today but one of the things keeping me from doing so was my main outside bike is 12 speed. I have my old 9 speed on my trainer now and probably never would put my 12 speed on it but it would be nice to have the option, just not sure if $600 (realistically would go with the kickr over this so $500) is worth it. Especially when I could keep my Snap and put my 12 speed on that if I was desperate.

Saris sent me the adapter but the thru axle that is on my bike won’t spin due to housing/handle interference (they warned me about that). I’ll need another thru axle to get the 12 speed on it.

What’s the story on Saris as a company? I thought they were blowing out trainers a while back because they had overbought on inventory and were on the verge of bankruptcy?

We are still waiting to see the outcome. In the H4 article, Ray mentions that there are some dates pending that seem pointed in direction of a sale, but there are no details. Seem we have a bit more to wait to see the outcome here. Presumably someone will buy them and continue in some form or another, but that is a wild guess on my part.

Just saw this. Any news on Campy compatibility. Couldn’t get the H3 for this reason :frowning:

I am getting far behind now. Still using a CycleOps hammer (H1) and it is still going strong :slight_smile:

Have been thinking of upgrading for while now, but the only thing that changed from v1 to v3 is that v3 is now 1% more accurate. Maybe should wait for v4 rather.

What are your real life opinions? Is it worth upgrading?