New Roval Wheels

Fortunately, in the states my shop was able to order the spokes yesterday to arrive on Thursday, so it’ll be about an eight or nine day down time all told. Not bad.

Thank God I haven’t sold my old bike yet! Good excuse for me to get another set of disc brake wheels!

I just rode a Time Trial, that was ridiculously windy (21knots base wind with 32knots gusts - so around 40 and 60kph respectively). The course was super open, so not much protection from the wind. I usually ride 80mm front wheel, but went for my road wheel, the CLX rapide in the front instead. Staying in position makes a much greater difference, than 29mm of rim depth. It was a revelation. So stable, so easy to handle. I literally had NO sensation of steering moment. These wheels were already worth the purchase just for that.

And here they are in their natural habitat:


How are they in terms of puncture resistance and longevity? I am thinking about getting some, but they will be my spring / summer tyre

Rode CL50s on RapidAirs for 3k+ miles with zero issues. Switched to Rapides for my Roubaix and have ~1k+ miles on them. I would say that the Rapides are marginally less jittery in cross winds and have more of a push sensation. I’ve since changed my front wheel to the Alpinist CLX with the Rapide in the rear since I hate wind.

Alpinist Front isn’t really that great of a solution, since they test pretty poorly and aero in the front matters a lot more. Also, they are V-shaped, which doesn’t matter as much in such shallow rims, but is known to create greater steering Moment in crosswinds than U shaped.
All the power to you, but I Can’t really imagine anyone having trouble handling a Rapide front. Unless you only ride on the top of mount Washington that is…

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Alpinist front is a good solution as I don’t care about aero with this bike and only want more stability. At 65kgs, having a recent crash (in which I suspect a shallower wheel would have helped avoid), and occasional gusty conditions make deeper wheels uncomfortable for me. I was too lazy to order an Alpinist rear but bit the bullet after selling my CL50s recently.

Why do you have CL50 or Rapides, if you don‘t care about aero?
Also, not „caring“ about aero is not caring about going faster, which is at least odd.

CL50s came with my old bike, Rapides were a gift. You’re getting an Aethos which isn’t aero which isn’t about going fast which is odd by your logic.

Rapides as a gift, you know the right people.
Just saying that I found the choice of wheels weird, that’s all
I have a full blown aero bike for racing and will use the Aethos for training, Fondo etc.
Also, even that bike, I am speccing with an aero handle bar and deep section wheels. I just can‘t help it

No worries, it looks fairly ridiculous but it feels easier for me to manage. World tour riders sometimes use a staggered setup depending on the stage so not totally unheard of. Aero bar on the Aethos !? You mad man :slight_smile:

It’s as weight weenie as an aero bar can get. So no worries, still makes sense.

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I’m looking for new wheels for my wife. But people reports about engagement problems in DT-Swiss 240 EXP hubs (DT Swiss 240 EXP - Engagement Problems - Weight Weenies, and I’m worried a bit. Did anybody here have any problems like this?

N = 1, but have had 2 wheel sets with that hub and no issues at all, like many said in the forums on WW, its most likely either bad batch, or too much grease.

I am super happy with my hubs, so easy to service and exchange ratchets etc.

How have these treated you now that you’ve had time to ride them some? Any issues with deflection causing rubbing on seatstay/chainstays in the rear? My local shop finally got some in and I’m tempted…

I like them a lot, less concern than I had with the CL50 as far as staying true and wind blowing the front end around. Maybe 3000 miles on them since I bought them. No signs of rub in my '20 Madone using Pro One 28c tires although there’s generous clearance compared to the last iteration of the EVO frame I had. I don’t recall if I ever rode the EVO with them on, pretty sure I sold it before I got the QR end caps I needed.