New Roval Wheels

That is true, but yaw torque that affects steering can lead to serious issues. Newer wheels are much better than the old “wing” designs, but YT is still a consideration and will almost always be worse with deeper sections of similar design.

Here I was worried about getting my new 303 wheels to have clearance on my '17 Supersix, be even more scared to buy these.

The 303 S, or Firecrest? Either way – how are they?

Firecrest and suppose I used the wrong tense…I am worried. They show up Monday.

Ooh! How’d you get them? Only place I’ve found a listing in the UK is via Mantel and even then, no stock till the end of the month.

Excel Sports in Boulder, CO, USA got a couple sets in and I was lucky enough to snag a pair. They said they’re not easy to come by in the US either. I actually need QR rear caps, which are backordered, so I can’t ride em for roughly another week sadly. Hoping it’s only another week…

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Any word on the clearance? I also have a '17 supersix I’m thinking about some new wheels for…

About 4-5 mm each side on the front and best guess is around 3 mm each side on the chainstays at the moment. I still haven’t got the rear QR end caps to set that in stone. I just took the end caps off, threw the QR thru the big hole, and tried to center the rear wheel up to get an idea what it might look like. Zipp has QR end caps in stock but Excel hasn’t received them to forward to me yet.

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How are they rolling for you? I wish there was some indication of when stock might be arriving: Wiggle/Sigma both still showing the 2019 model for 303 Firecrest; Mantel has a listing but no availability.

I’ve seen the Rapide and Alpine models in stock at Sigma, but I feel quite strongly I want to go tubeless – or at least have the option to :laughing:

Those pictures were just to show front wheel/tire clearance. Still haven’t gotten the QR end caps to mount the rear and go for a ride.

Heh, I almost flipped my lid when I found them in stock and grokked the price…

…then noticed this was not the disc brake wheelset I was looking for.

Sure… and tubes in tubeless wheels are perfectly fine…but it’s not ideal. Breaking the bead off the shoulder of a tubeless rim is just as annoying as getting a tire onto a wheel in the first place IMO. They can be awfully tough just to pop into the center of the rim.


Can anyone tell me thare these Rapides, tubeless ready? Roval tells me all wheels apart from the CLX are tubeless ready. But they don’t list the 60s anymore only the 64s. Shimano 11 speed freehub, Ultegra 11-28 cassette, and S-Works Gripton tyres. For $1k yes they are second hand but so are all my wheels.

The rapide wheels do not support tubeless.

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any opinion in comparison to the new DT Swiss Wheels?

Does anyone have any experience with the new Rapide CL wheels, specifically in comparison to the clx?

I have a Specialized Tarmac SL7 pro on order, I am looking at upgrading the wheels from the CL version to the clx version. Both rim sets are identical (51mm front, 60mm rear). The CL wheels come with DT Swiss j-bend round spokes and DT Swiss 350 classic hub set. The CLX version come with DT Swiss Aerolite spokes and Roval aero-flanged hub with DT Swiss 240 EXP free hub body and internals. Is this upgrade worth the additional $1000AUD, or should I be looking elsewhere all together.

I am looking for both anecdotal first hand experience and any statistical information that Can be verified with references, ie; round spokes vs bladed aero spokes, aero hubs vs. classic, etc.

Don’t know if you all have seen this, but they just released the Alpinist CL on the website! :slight_smile:

Hopefully the come with the new Rapide CLs soon!

Just a quick thread bump for a question:

Anyone had to replace spokes on a Roval wheelset? I have CL50s with my 2020 Venge Pro. Easy enough to find the spoke type/length etc. that I need, but impossible to find any place that actually sells them. DT Swiss Competition Race T-head, black, 255mm.

Contacted my shop and Roval via email but no responses yet. We’ll see.

I guess my next step is to take the wheel to the shop and try to **it happens warranty repair it? Kind of annoying since replacing three spokes/truing is something I could do for free in about 20 minutes, but will instead require me to shut down the Venge for two weeks given wait times!

I had a set of cl50s, I’m in Australia and I’ve had to replace 2 spokes on different occasions, it took roughly 2 weeks to have the spokes shipped, this was also pre-COVID. I ordered them through specialized retailer and had them replace the spoke and true the wheel as well.