New Roval Wheels

Think it’s the opposite. Pro teams care less about tire durability/reliability than the rest of us, because they have support cars and domestiques able to swap bikes or wheels at a moment’s notice.

100g isn’t a big deal as there are plenty of ways to get a bike down to the UCI weight limit. They might prefer 100g less rolling weight and 100g more weight on the frame though. Ineos were switching to Lightweight Meilenstein wheels for the mountain stages at last year’s Tour, even though I’m sure they would have no problem getting their bikes down to UCI limits using their regular Shimano wheels. Those guys are normally pretty data-led so reasonable to assume they had good reason to make the switch.

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Most pro bikes are not right on the weight limit. I read that Sky used Lightweights to give the riders a mental boost as well as get the bikes closer to the limit.

Yup! Those wheels are along the lines of what is available nowadays from Enve with the 4.5ar or the Hunt limitless which is also optimized for 25mm and does something weird to add extra width. These new rovals push the boundaries at 35mm external for a front wheel and if optimized for a 29mm tire, almost a whole 6 mm difference which hasn’t been done before. I’m excited to see the reviews on how well they perform.

For what it’s worth - if you can pick up a discounted set of CL 50s now then I would highly recommend them.
I have a pair of CL50 Disc which I run tubeless with 28mm GP5000 TLs on my 1st Gen Canyon Grail as a winter bike and plan to use them on my summer bike when I upgrade it to a disc frame.
They are amazing. The tyre does blow out a little but with the 21mm internal rim this makes it more aero, very comfortable to ride and feels grippy.
Importantly, fellow riders can’t believe how quick the set up is. And it has genuinely taken me by surprise. Sure the frame is well equipped to work on road as well as gravel but the wheels/ trye combo must be a huge factor in the performance of my set up.

What kind of trip are we talking about here?

Desperately trying to source a set of CL50s but can’t find them anywhere. I think people had the same idea hold out until they released their new wheels. Now they haven’t updated the entry level ones people are buying them.


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the C38s are in stock however and still come with the DT Swiss 350 hubs.

I mainly want them to drop some weight from my heavy stock wheels and gain a nice aero benefit / look.

Yes I have ran my CLX50 for the last 18months with GP5000TL. They are great, easy to set up and had no noticeable punctures. I will never go back to tubes if I can help it.

I’m surprised they’ve dropped tubeless on those wheels but I expect it’s just down to marketing so they can claim to have these super light climbing & aero wheels. I can almost guarantee that these will be replaced with tubeless compatible version in a couple of years which will be surrounded by some great marketing campaign.

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I was going to link you to the pair I had in my Sigma Sports basket…


…but they’ve been discontinued? :confused: They got something else in store?

Typo!! Grippy.


damn! I Just tried to order CL50’s; they came on my venge and LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM.

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Yeh I’ve just messaged them to check. They are asking specialized to see if they are sending anymore. It says discontinued so I presumed they were updating the CL50’s as well.

Really hope they keep an entry level set I can’t justify the CLX’s

How are they in crosswinds?

I ride a track near me regularly that seems to funnel strong winds in it so I’m wondering if the C38s will be more useable

They are pretty good for 50s although obviously they do catch the odd strong gust. Apparently they have come a long way.

I run CLX64s which have been reported to be twitchy.

I ride in Socal along the coast, where it’s never not-windy, and I have no issues. When I need more stability, I keep my hands high up in the curved part of the drops. I think people have issues in the wind when they’re on the hoods or on the tail/flat part of the drops.

I wouldn’t hesitate to run CLX50s/CL50s in most conditions.

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I’ve ridden CL50s in ~25-30mph gusts. It sucked, but I don’t think that was down to the wheels.

I ride across the Golden Gate Bridge a fair amount and it’s usually pretty gusty. CLX50 have “whoa” moments on the bike. Not so much with my Enve 5.6s

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Found a pair of the Cl50s in stock, Got them - if they’ve ben discontinued they are likely to receive an update but I have no idea how long that will be

Whilst rim depth is a marginal aspect in cross winds as the greater mass by far is the riders body. An old tip from motorcycling in strong winds would be to relax your shoulders and elbows as the majority of input from the wind is related to your body. Let your arms and shoulders dampen any input from the wind on your body which then reduces the impact on your steering.

As for moving away from tubeless, I hope it’s a more considered and settled decision than Specialized’s introduction and retreat from the short chain stay.

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