New RIders for Team Elevate KHS for 2019

Pretty good article about Team Elevate KHS for the 2019 racing season!

Team Elevate KHS picks up 3 new Riders for 2019


Awesome, good luck to them in 2019!

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Where’d Corey Williams go or am I missing something?

He looks to be missing from the 2019 roster for sure and a quick check on the net shows nothing…

No more Corey from what I gather from his videos on YouTube. Looks like he’ll be riding with brother Justin for 2019.

Yeah, he and his brother are basically going to run the EndoConcept team, I believe they are keeping the same name. I ride here and there with their group. Well, not “with”, but we are at the same rides a couple times a month, then proceed to get dropped from their group very very quickly :joy:

The Williams boys had some drama recruiting a couple of young fast men for their team, so it’ll be interesting to see how they run the SoCal racing season. Justin and Cory will be next to unstoppable. Even when they weren’t teammates they were killing it in the local races (Roger Millikan - I believe Cory has that race on YouTube). It is always exciting to watch them race! I’m secretly rooting for a different set of brothers to take on the Williams boys :heart_eyes:

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James Piccoli is our local pro where I’m from (Montreal). Great guy and very friendly. See him training at our climb all year long. Looks like they added some great pieces this year to the team. Any of their riders TR users?

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I know Cory uses Zwift :unamused: but those boys got genetics on their side for sure, from their father to all the siblings

The Williams boys are changing their team name. IG profile above. Cofirmed at this time that Cory and Justin will be racing together and have some awesome Cat 1 and 2 racers forming the rest of the team.


I’m glad to see our forum gets a #TeamRumors post as well :joy:

The contract silly season is always a fun source of speculation!

On that note: Crazy to see BMC bikes with non DT-Swiss or Shimano wheels! Cav’s bike looks :heart_eyes:

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They are doing a slow reveal on instagram today. Those two are going to be unstoppable.

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Gotta fall into the hype, @Jonathan!