Luke Lamperti, how far will he go?

I just watched USA pro crit national champ footage from last week, lamparti without a team repeats despite legion there. He just completely rode everyone off his wheel in the final sprint - so are we going to see him on the world tour soon?

Also why didn’t legion have any Williams brothers there?

Very impressive ride from Luke! He is only 19. Last year he just placed out of Juniors by a month to win with a chaotic finish. This year - no doubt it was his.

Last year Justin changed his country to Belize and it looks like Cory did this year. Their family comes from Belize and I think they made rode for Belize as youths - could be wrong there. Also, Cory just had a kid so he’s been enjoying being a new father. I think Tyler Willams of Legion (no relation) also had another kid which is why he was absent.

News about Williams Brothers on Belize Team for Commonwealth Games. Login • Instagram
And from February - Oscar Quiroz, brothers Justin and Cory Williams lead the Cycling Federation of Belize’s initial list of cyclists for the 2022 Commonwealth Games

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