New Red AXS Max Rear Derailleur

Can officially accommodate up to 36T rear cog…probably larger in actual use, I’d guess.

Gravel riders rejoice everywhere!

I’ve seen a lot of local gravel guys using the Eagle AXS derailleur and/or cassette with a 1x front for a lot of range, but this is definitely a win for roadies who want more gearing. Wonder just how slow of a ratio you can build with a 36t and SRAM’s smaller front chainring sizes

Are we going to see 1x Red pushed more as a road setup, I wonder? 46 and 10-36 might be attractive for guys without very steep or long local climbs

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Who comes up with SRAM’s naming scheme?

We have Red Max and Force Wide, why not Red Wide for the derailier? I guess the reasoning behind Force was for wide r tires as opposed to a larger max capacity but just seems dumb