Road axs range--how far can you push it?

I recently purchased a gravel bike with Axs road. Actually, it came with two set-ups, a road and an Xplr set-up. I need a bailout gear ever so smaller than the 35x36 with the road setup for a few rides (sustained 12+% avg with marginal traction). I’m currently using an unsanctioned config on my trainer, using the Xplr rear mech 10-44 with the 2x 48x35. It’s ok, but not great–probably because the Xplr was designed to be 1x only and the top pulley is offset.
I recently saw the Rotor 11-39. I was thinking this could be better option. A 48x11 is good enough and a 35x39 should be fine as well. Has anyone tried a 39t rear cog with an Axs road mech? All rear mechs in the past have had some degree of cheat and this is only 3 teeth. Back in the day, we would push them much further. That said, they ain’t cheap, so I don’t want to experiment if someone has already learned the hard way it doesn’t work.
I don’t think there is a frankenderailleur setup I can do. To my knowledge any aftermarket Sram Road compatible cage longer than those designed for a 36 tooth is offset. If someone knows of one, that would be great to know about as well.

I use the 11-39 12sp on my AXS XPLR 1x. I like the ratios better than the Sram unit. I’m going to try it with my Force 11sp road (converted to 12sp) medium cage in a minute. IIRC, the 11-39 was a bit clunky shifter to smaller cogs, but that was just me thinking about it too much. I also have the 11-46, which I’m going to put on the gravel bike. I was going to use it for Shimano 12sp MTB, but it doesn’t work for that.

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Smaller chainrings? The SRAM Wide 43/30 rings with a 10-36 cassette would give you a smaller bottom gear than 35/39. 43/10 is only a smidge smaller than 48/11 (as in imperceptibly small).

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Get the 46/33 chainrings? 33-36 low is just a tad bit taller than 35-39 and 46-10 is taller than 48-11.

I think the road RD is already stretched at 36t. The Wide looks maybe to 39T (search comments for 39)

How fast are you trying to pedal? Your 10-44 2x setup really only gives you a couple of gears over 30mph and maybe a low gear over an Rotor 1x setup. 2x12sp is kinda silly anyway.

Smaller chainrings would be a 5% difference, 11-39 gets you 10% on the low end. I assume Sram will put out a 10/11-40 this season. EDIT: Rumor looks like a 10-38T to work with the WIDE and XPLR - so your 39T wide combo should work.

Maybe add the data to your garmin/wahoo unit and see what gears you actually use most.