SRAM Force 2x with xplr cassette?

I"m trying to build up a new gravel bike that will give me the best climbing ratio while using a force etap 33-46 chainring ( i cant do 30 because I want force power meter). I’ve been trying to research if I can use a 42 tooth cassette (xplr) with the force chainring. Has anyone tried this? I’d be fine with a 40 tooth…but don’t think Sram has that cassette?

Some people have been trying it on weight weenies

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they make a 10-36 from memory? feel like even that ratio would be overkill with a 33 chainring for a gravel bike, unless you’re lugging cargo etc.

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I live in the mountains and don’t have a huge engine, so for you maybe overkill, for me… not so much


I talked with a SRAM tech at SBT GRVL and he said no go. But they said my original 10-33 derailer wouldn’t work with a 10-36 cassette, it does. Id like to hear if there is a way to make it work.

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The largest officially supported cassette is the 10–36. As far as I know Rotor makes a 12-speed 11–39 cassette that is compatible with the WIDE rear derailleur, although it is not officially supported. I have no idea whether someone has tried to use that cassette with a front mech, though.

Another option to explore (no pun intended) is a 1x setup with a 10–44 cassette.

Yeah, I heard the same, but opted for a WIDE rear derailleur when I got my bike. IMHO SRAM should just kill off the normal rear derailleur, I don’t think many people will miss the 10–26 cassette.

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There is too much chain to take up with that combo. A 33 chainring and 36 cassette is pretty favorable gearing though. It’s almost the same low gear as what I run for my 1x gravel setup (42 chainring and Eagle 10-50 mtb cassette). Once the cassettes get to a point, you really can’t run 2x because the chain length difference between a small/small and big/big combo gets too extreme. Your RD would need to be so long that it would practically be dragging the ground (Eagle RD’s are pushing it already just with 1x).

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I’m running the standard 33t max rear mech with a 10-36 cassette with no issues.


That’s good to know, thanks! :+1:

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