New FTP from Garmin does not sync to Trainerroad

Hi all,

I now use Trainerroad exclusively outside - I load the workouts on my Garmin Edge 530 and that works perfectly.

After finishing yesterday’s workout, my Garmin told me I have a new, higher FTP (auto-calculated by Garmin). I had to manually update that new FTP into my Trainerroad profile - it didn’t update automatically. Is there a way I can have it update automatically?

Everything else syncs between Garmin and Trainerroad flawlessly.

Garmin’s FTP autodetect is actually an LTHR autodetect, and a very vague association with a power number.

Personally, Garmin’s estimate of my FTP is way below FTP calculated via a 20 minute test. Having that update automatically would substantially short-change my training.

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No, because Garmin’s FTP calculation has nothing to do with TR’s FTP calculation. TR doesn’t have a “new FTP detected” function (yet!), and only calculated a new FTP when you do one of the designated FTP tests (so far).

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