🎉🎉🎉 New Early Access Feature: Import and Analyze Runs in TrainerRoad! 🎉🎉🎉

I guess my confusion comes with how TSS is calculated. What gives you more training stress… a one hour easy run or one hour interval session? For me intervals, which you would think be reflected in the training stress score?

Yes, intervals are higher stress (hopefully!) than an easy run. TSS is roughly the square of the intensity factor times the time (in decimals of an hour), times 100 so you get a whole number. So one hour at 90% intensity is 81 TSS, and one hour at 65% intensity is 42 TSS. But:

Long easy run of two hours at 60% intensity – 0.60 x 0.60 x 2 x 100 = 72

54-minute (0.9-hour) track session at an average of 85% intensity – 0.85 x 0.85 x 0.9 x 100 = 65

Your TSS per minute is higher with intervals, it accumulates more quickly. But a low-intensity activity can end up with wildly higher total TSS than a speedwork track session if it goes on for long enough. Does that make more sense?


My easy run was 95 mins, my intervals workout was 37 minutes. TSS per hour on the easy run was 38, on the intervals was 64.

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TSS now loaded for all imported runs. For me the imports started on August 8 so I have a TR calculated TSS on all runs from that date.

The TSS chart at the top of the calendar is only showing the run TSS from Monday last week (i.e. even though the individual runs in previous weeks show with calculated TSS, and the week summary on the right of the calendar shows the total calculated run TSS the chart at the top only shows the bike TSS for those weeks), but I assume the TR team will fix that shortly.

For TSS we still aren’t at an end solution. The way TSS is currently applied is in 2 ways.

  1. You have a Planned Run, which has an Estimated TSS, which your Synced Run is automatically associated with. The Synced Run inherits the TSS from the Planned Run
  2. Synced Runs that aren’t matched to Planned Runs by default don’t have a TSS. These can be given a TSS by estimating an intensity for the Run which will use the duration to give a value. There is also a custom selection in there which allows you to enter in your own value.

Runs will only begin to be imported once you enable the Run feature in Early Access. We’re currently working on backfilling athletes data. We expect that process to complete in the near to mid term

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So I didn’t care about this until I finally started running, and forgot to enable this before my first run.
Since I just had 1 run I wanted to get synced after the fact, I downloaded the original from garmin connect, deleted the activity in garmin connect, then imported the .fit file I just downloaded.
This activity then promptly synced to TrainerRoad.
Not really good for doing lots of activities, but for a small number this works.

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It’s not syncing for me. It pulled in the old runs when I set the account up a couple of days ago. Today uploaded a run to strava and it is not pulling this in.

Tried manually uploading but assumes it’s a ride.

Is there a way to force sync?

It only appears on the web site for now, not in the app.

What part of this only works on website? I’ve uploaded via web, setup sync on the web. I used a watch to sync with strava.

As mentioned the imported runs are not displayed in the iOS/Android app. I am sure they will fix that they will fix that at some point.

Update for everyone!

We have just completed a backfill of Running activities for all athletes opted that in to Early Access for Running. Activities were pulled from both Strava and Garmin. Strava activities we were able to retrieve for an athlete’s entire history. For Garmin data there is some variation in the how far back we were able to pull from but can be expected at a minimum to mid 2021.

On another note I’m excited to say that Running functionality will be in the apps soon. Similar capabilities that are available on the Web will also now be in the apps.


Running functionality is now available in the apps for those that are opted into Early Access!

All your feedback and help dialling in things on Web was super helpful and much appreciated. If you notice anything off with the recently completed backfill or within the apps please let us know.

*This will require the most recent version to use, the update should be available


I’m seeing some completed runs appear on the wrong days:

That Zwift run that shows up as completed today (January 16th) was done yesterday; the one on Friday (January 13th) was done the day before. The one on Wednesday is correct (that one was done earlier in the day than the other two, so it looks like it could be a timezone bug.)

I see this on Mac and iOS; they show up on the correct days on web.

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TSS estimation for runs is still web only, is it?

Currently yes, that is close to being available in the mobile and desktop apps as well though


I see this too, although not for all runs. Specifically I see an evening run showing on the next day right now, maybe it’s using UTC vs UTC-6 somehow?

If I open the run (from the app) it says the proper date/time it was completed though.

I’m on iOS.


We already have a fix in for this one that will be released in our next app update!

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Super excited but didn’t see it, instead of complaining I decided to wait and…woo….

As a user of Training Peaks, I was initially puzzled by the TSS scores in TR based on RPE. The equivalent in TP on my completed runs was quite a bit higher. With some digging, I have found a few references to why this may be.

TP rTSS is calculated using a 45min threshold Normalized Graded Pace as 100 rTSS, which I distinctly remember recently reading on a TP page, but now can’t find.

TP now states:
TSS explained

rTSS is a metric that can only be used in running workouts, as the algorithm only accounts for the unique physical demands of running.

Which is more oblique than the statement I remember reading.

I also found reference in a SlowTwitch thread:

I went to a seminar run by Hunter Allen last year and he said that rTSS gives a score of 100 for a 45 min threshold effort (his explanation was that to account for the additional stress on the body from running 45 mins of threshold effort was equivalent to 60mins on the bike)

I would be interested to hear whether TR has considered this in its consideration of the calculation and whether they are considering aligning the calculation with Normalised Graded Pace in the future?

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