πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ New Early Access Feature: Import and Analyze Runs in TrainerRoad! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Confirmed fixed on my end, thanks!

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only just noticed this was active ! ive been doing it manually for ages…doh my runs all seem to be in there now but the names arent as they are on strava. all just evening run, afternoon run etc
are the names not getting pulled like for the bike stuff?

We’re actively working on this, runs should be using the name from Strava in the near future


Hi @dominikrymsza, I have an enhancement request. I have a triathlon plan on my calendar. In the top right, I get completed TSS / total TSS planned for the week. Historically, these take into account the planned runs, and before this feature, I’d make the run as compete and that estimated tss would be added to the completed tss. Now, when the run comes in and auto associates with the planned run, the planned runs tss is removed from the total tss for the week. This makes it look like I have done more tss than planned. For this week, I’d like it to show 98/ 290+33. Before i did the run, it was 65/323


We recently changed how we store TSS for Runs and had a few regressions. Here and in a few other places we are updating to make sure Run TSS is included in totals


Glad it wasn’t just me thinking it seemed odd I lost planned TSS (and planned hours) today.

Likewise, another quirky bug is that if you try and move a swim workout from one day to another (e.g. Thurs to Fri), from the mobile app (iOS), it’ll fail.

I was trying to simply edit the date on the scheduled swim, but it wouldn’t let me because it had populated a 0 TSS value (literally zero), and then errored saying you can’t have a zero TSS workout.


Appreciate the heads up on that bug – we have a fix for that issue in testing now!

How far are we off a running UI in IOS? really want to get rid of my Zwift subscription for ease of telling me what to do and when using the Runn device on the treadmill.

Syncing and analyzing runs is out of Early Access! More updates here.