New decathlon Elite Evo trainer compatibility

Hi guys, in decathlon chain new elite evo turbo trainer (quasi cheaper rampa in my opinion) has appeared. It has TR logo on the box, but cannot find it on train page. Will erg mode + external power meter work with TR?

You are probably better off sending an email to to get that answer.

Hey there!

If the trainer is an ERG trainer using either ANT+ or Bluetooth, it should work with an external power meter as the power source using PowerMatch.

As for how well it will work, that is another issue. Oftentimes the lower end trainers are less responsive via ERG, and these issues are underscored when using PowerMatch. I’d recommend setting it up and giving it a try to see how well it works :+1:

If you are not yet a TrainerRoad user, then you can try it out risk-free thanks to our 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If you set things up, and they don’t work as well as you’d hoped, then just let us know and we’ll issue a full refund.