New Customisable Strava Live Segments on Wahoo

Anyone know how to get a fresh power average on it for the segment? Power Averge Workout or Power Average Lap? Or maybe it’s neither of those. ‘Workout’ maybe gives the whole ride so far, and ‘Lap’ probably requires you to hit the Lap button which is less than ideal on a short hill sprint where you want to prep to gun it instead of hitting a lap button.

Any ideas? Not able to test it myself until the weekend.

Pretty awesome though, customisable, or even just power on Strava Live Segments is something I wanted since Strava released the feature back for Garmin years back. How does stuff like this take so long to happen :relaxed:

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Any link to source info for review?

Only thing I saw about it was on the App Store this morning when update popped up for the Bolt.

Played around with customising the page, nice and easy as usual with Wahoo, just unsure how power will work when it pops up…

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Hi there, did you finally find a way to visualize the average power of your Strava segment without having to hit the lap button before the start of the segment? Thanks a lot!

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Sorry, moved onto Garmin now. Forget what happened in the end, quit cycling for a bit!