Robert Axle Project RAT - Cervelo R5/S5

who can share a photo of a bike with an installed “Robert Axle Project” thru axle for trainer?

How heavy is the trainer thru axle compare to the non trainer one and the R.A.T. one respectively?

I would send them an email asking this. They have previously replied to my question with very detailed answers.

I own a set of Robert Axle thru axles. The trainer thru axle weighs almost twice as much as the regular thru axle

PS- They work great!. No issues here

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thanks. I ordered them. I was struggling to use the R5 on the trainer but now decided that my other bike is too much value also to be a trainer pig, so I sold it…I know, you can’t have too many bikes but $2k just for the trainer does seem to be crazy, right?