New bike day! And hitting the reset button on training plan

Just thought I’d share my new road bike. I’m slightly obsessed! Just received my 2020 Orbea Orca omx m20iteam-d. I also opted for the fsa power2max power crank. I’ve only had a couple rides So far, but it is night and day different then my old carbon bike. It is so stiff and efficient. I also opted to do the “my o” program, It was certainly worth the wait.

Last night I put the orca on my Tacx neo 2t to compare power and there was about a 1 watt Difference. Sure the numbers jumped around a bit but once I steadied my cadence, the numbers were right on. Looks like I’m good to go on outdoor workouts.

I am beyond excited to get started with outdoor workouts. Tomorrow I will ramp test and reset my plan. I’m hoping to get two rounds of base/build and then a round of specialty mtb marathon before my A race (whiteface 100k) in June of 2021. I’ll see what plan builder comes up with tonight.

I’ve been stuck in specialty and kind of ,whatever, since July of this year. So, I’m really looking forward to hitting the reset and getting back to structure and making some gains. I’ve been struggling to find motivation lately and haven’t really “enjoyed” being on the bike. Took some time off this past week and got the new bike, so that certainly helped re-stoke the fire.


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