📣 New AI FTP Detection Updates! 📣

This is interesting. My plan was to do a ramp at the start of every phase. Did one at start of my base then i intend to use AI until the build where I’ll start that phase with a ramp and so on. From what I’ve been reading, and from your post, that seems like the wat yo go?

@Marc76 We generally advise prioritizing FTP gains over PL gains during certain points of the season and vice versa. Earlier in the season, we usually recommend focusing on building up your FTP. As you approach your goal event(s) of the year, we recommend switching that focus to PLs so you can work on specificity to prepare for the demands of your A race(s).

As @Pbase mentioned, you can also use Workout Alternates to manually pick out workouts at different Workout Levels if you feel like the workouts in your plan don’t fit your current needs. Upon completing those workouts, your PLs will be updated and any adaptations that might need to be made to your plan will be applied accordingly.

@2DollarLegs A Ramp Test (or another FTP assessment) can be a good idea if you haven’t had an accurate FTP measurement in a while so you can have a starting point to reference. If you already feel confident that your FTP is about right, then there shouldn’t be any reason to continue testing unless you want to – AI FTP Detection will get you dialed in each time you run it!