Need to figure out nutritional numbers for 5 meals

Hi all,

Any chance someone can take best guesses at the probably nutritional values for each of the below meals, each meal is 325g.



Red Chicken Thai curry
Green Chicken Thai curry
Chicken Cashew
Chilly Corn Corn
Sweet Chilly Chicken
Pesto Chicken
Veg Cottage Pie (Mince, no potato, no no rice, with pumpkin)

Chicken in all above meals are a drum stick (100g)
All ingredients was steamed in a pressure cooker


I would just put the ingredients and approx weights into either MyFitnessPal or Cronometer. I prefer Cronometer as it provides a more granular breakdown of nutrients, even in the free version. If you’re planning on tracking nutrition, you can also create “meals” in Cronometer for free. Can’t speak about MyFitnessPal on that but I imagine you can there as well.


… one way… but a educated guess by someone would be appreciated.
will look at using Cronometer to try and unpack the meal numbers, as a sanity check


If you plug it in on there it’s going to be substantially more accurate than any educated guess based on the above. Your original descriptions have no indication of proportion size sans overall weight of the meal/serving. Take Chicken Cashew for example. If you know 100g are chicken, what’s the breakout of the other 230g? Is it entirely cashews? Are there other ingredients? Impossible to know what the nutritional breakout is without also knowing the approximate proportions of ingredients into each recipe, in which case you’d just end up plugging it into an app like the ones above anyways.