Need suggestions on where / how to sell comfort bike in SF

My wife has a Townie Electra that I’m trying to sell. Besides posting it on Craigslist, does anyone have suggestions on where I should list it for sale? I’m only interested in options targeted at people in SF / Bay Area as it’s not worth shipping.

Craigslist for sure. With some sort of throwaway email address.

It’s a sellers market to a crazy extent right now. You’ll have no issue selling it.

Facebook? People tell me FB is better.

eBay, local pickup only option?

Only problem with Facebook is I gave that :poop: up as I think it is the devil spawn

So I guess it’s Craigslist for the win (hopefully)

What about eBay? It offers a local pickup option, and you don’t ship. I would argue eBay hits a wider target and has better selling options.

Facebook marketplace is the best bet, unfortunately. Craigslist is next, but you’re going to lose a significant chunk of your audience.

There’s no harm in it, but I wouldn’t bother with eBay. Nobody is going on there to look for a budget bike without shipping options.

Good news. I was able to sell this bike via Craigslist.