Need recommendation for sale

Looking for the best website or forum to sell a high performance road machine. Won’t go into too much detail, not sure if TrainerRoad has policy against it. Just hoping to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks.

Slowtwitch is mainly triathlon focused but you’ll see many higher end road bikes on there.

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I’ve sold a couple of bikes through Pinkbike. They charge fees similar to ebay, sale was easy through Paypal, I shipped the bikes using Bikeflights. I most recently sold a carbon bike on Facebook Marketplace but had to deal with a lot of “will you take…” and “will you trade for…” messages but the market for used bikes is pretty good here. Good luck!

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I appreciate that feedback. I do have the bike listed on pink bike, only issue there is that there are roughly 20,000 bike listings kind of muddying the waters so to speak. I don’t much care for the fact that retailers are allowed to use that forum, would be nice if it was a private classifieds only. Have not tried Facebook yet, to your point, don’t seem to be a lot of serious inquiries that I’ve experienced there. I have a 2019 bike, $7000 build, and would probably go as low as $4000. Tough finding a medium that will attract buyers who are knowledgeable, and see the tremendous value. I get offers from people who are testing to see if I’m desperate, which I am not. Suppose COVID has something to do with all that. Thanks again.