Need assistance with replacing ratchet ring on V2 Kickr

I have been riding my V2 Wahoo Kickr for about 3 years now and have recently found out that my ratchet ring is broken. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it is the ring that the paws of the hub uses to turn the wheel in a bike and the flywheel on these trainers.

So in saying that, I am looking for help in getting this repaired some how. Wahoo support says that due to the age of this trainer they don’t support servicing or repairing it. Other than that ratchet ring, this is a very healthy trainer. Only has about 3k KM on it.

Any help will be appreciated.



First step is to see if you can identify the specific ratchet ring installed. Get the freehub off, clean all the grease off and get a good look (and pic) of the ring. It might be one of the common styles, where you can order the ring tool and replacement. Below is a quick search result showing a range of possibilities. See if you can match yours and get the appropriate tool and ring to fix them.

Thank you for your reply,

I have been looking at these for about a week. I even looked at the wahoo site. They actually have the ring for a 2018 model and was looking at getting that one and seeing if it would work. The tech at kickr says that this ring is not replaceable but there are groves under the ring where it was screwed in. They don’t want to do anything but sell me a more modern one. I don’t have the money for it right now… will be cheaper to just get this one fixed. There is nothing wrong other that that ring.



Depending on what your local bike shop has, they may have the removal tool. Could be worth taking the trainer there (if that is possible for you) to see if they can do the work to remove the bad one. Then identify the exact right one to replace and order that.

I will do that tomorrow… I can’t move forward until that ring is out…

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Hope you figure this out!

I’ve replaced the bearings in my Kickr Gen 1 twice now but haven’t replaced the one blocked by the ratchet ring since it didn’t look removable.

Haven’t had time to remove the broken ratchet ring. It is surely removable or it is sure broken up. And if it is not removable, I will have to replace the flywheel… @#$%!

I will get to it tomorrow…