Need advise on getting a Skinsuit (Velotec or similar-ish)

I’ve been getting into TT-ing and am looking to upgrade my kit to skinsuit. Currently using a standard bib + jersey combo.

My requirements are:

  • price < 200 Euro
  • at least 1 pocket in the back
  • FAAAST :slight_smile:

So far I’ve found the Velotec suits fit my requirements, but there’s just so many choices to make. So I’d like to ask your advise:

  1. Do any of you have experience with the Velotec suits? If so, how would you rate them?
  2. Should I go long or short sleeved?
  3. What size should I get (180cm / 74kg)? Velotec guy told me to get an L, but that goes against everything I’ve read on the interwebs of people of similar size going for M or S.
  4. Do you have any other suits you could recommend that fit my requirements?

Lots more options without a pocket. What kind of events are you planning on doing?

I have a Velotec suit, long sleeved single pocket in the back. They test quite well especially for the price so I would have no problem recommending them.
For sizing I am 188cm and 70kg and went with a size S, honestly its probably a tiny bit small but only for height as I get a lot of pressure on the crotch.

Some options I like:

1.) Velotec (as you already mentioned)
2.) Vie 13 speedskin (fast, durable)
3.) Coure Silver Speedsuit (practical, hot weather, almost as fast)

The pocket is not required for the events I’d like to do, which are < 20km
However I’m also planning it for some solo non event TT in the range of 40-100km. Therefore I’d like to have at least 1 pocket for my phone, keys, gels etc.

Nopinz make some great and fast suits and have various pocket options . Their Pro 1 suit is within your budget -

Though they also now do a custom fitted suit which I would be very tempted by!

Go long sleeve for sure.

I was able to score a Rapha skinsuit on sale during the winter holiday season for $220 USD. I also have the Velotec.

For the price, the Velotec is a good choice, but the chamois is mediocre. Good for short races, but if you are riding longer, I’d go for something a little nicer.

180cm, 67-68kg and I’m a small in the Rapha and I can just barely squeeze into it. The Velotec in small is a little larger.

The Rapha has three pockets, a better chamois, and is generally much nicer and worth the cost at least for what I paid. It also doesnt standout as being Rapha if you get it in black.

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I have the Velotec long sleeves. Really like it, but I haven’t tried another skinsuit, so I don’t have a point of comparison.

I have a velotec skinsuit, with a pocket, short sleeved.
I am 6’3 210lbs - I have some girth about me and I wear a L

My understanding is the short sleeve is faster due to most long sleeve suits will have a crease at the arm and that takes away watts. I had to send my suit back this week to Velotec as the chamois stitching was coming loose. I contacted them via email and they responded with in the day. Very happy with the customer service, sad to see the product have that issue in 3 rides. Not sure if its due to my size or just the sewing. I would buy again.

I wish we had some updated wind tunnel testing to see whose suit was the fastest in 2020

Thanks, I’ve added them to my short list.
Now if I could only find some info on what all those pocket options actually mean.

Have you used a Nopinz suit before?

Thanks! That confirms I definately don’t need an L.

Which suit do you have and how short are the sleeves? Some images on their site show a shorter sleeve than others. Don’t want the sleeve to end halfway on my upper arm.

I haven’t, but know a number of UK time triallists who use them, they’ve got a pretty good reputation and also work with companies like Aerocoach and Bioracer who really know their stuff when it comes to TT and aero.

Speaking of which you should probably look at the Bioracer suits as well, also around your budget -

(ETA - Velotec also make good suits that test well, not trying to change your mind, but you asked for options!)

Another vote for Velotec, I’ve got a couple of their suits, they are really good. I’m about 173cm (5 foot 8 inches ) but when fit about 76 kg and I use a medium, but it’s snug which it’s supposed to be. Part of this though is your height. You don’t want it to be too short.

Nopinz are also good.

Which suit did you get from Velotec? Long/short sleeve/thigh?
Also, would you say a size M would still be good for 180cm? I’m afraid that if I go for an L it won’t fit snug as I’ve got puny arms and legs compared to my waist :pensive:

I’ve got both a short and long sleeve Pro aero suit, they didn’t do the dynamic when I purchased. I’ve also asked a mate who also had one (and raced a 12 hour race on fixed wheel in it) what size his is, see his comments below…

Fluo PRO Aero Speedsuit with pocket (UCI Legal) × 1
I am 178cm / 5"10 and was 72kg when I bought it…


How short are the short sleeved Pro ones? Full upper arm coverage, or less? Sleeves seem really short on their website. The dynamic ones seem longer.

It’s been a few months since I had it on but I won’t say the sleeves were hugely long. The arms in general are tight, though i do have fat arms…:unamused:

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Arms were same length as a race cut jersey. Closer to the elbow then to the shoulder

I would kit up and take photos, but mines in the mail

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After lots of mail contact with both Velotec and Nopinz, I placed the order for the Nopinz Pro 1 Road Race suit. Their contact over mail was excellent. Size recommendation was an S. Ordered the black version without speed pockets, so it has 2 pockets I can use for phone and food n stuff.

According to their service rep this suit should be perfect for my speeds of up to 40km/h. The fabric tested good in the wind tunnel for speeds between 35-40km/h. Having a suit with triplines like their Speedsuit and the ones from Velotec only really starts to see some real benefits at 45+ km/h. Also, the Nopinz speedsuit and bioracer TT one are not available with pockets and I NEED pockets.

Can’t wait to put it on and give it a testrun!

If youre looking at skinsuits from an aero advantage then velotec is your best choice in the budget, unless you can find a BioRacer in a sale or on ebay.
I only have skinsuits the best tbh are Pedal Ed from sizing comfort and fit point of view and the mesh front on their aero suit is excellent in the velodrome or summer. Rapha are incredibly good but insanely expensive (although their custom aero suits are pretty cool)
Velotec give the best aero advantage but dont last I have two or three and they didnt last one track league season. the zips gave up quite quickly and the legs seem to get loose wish constant washing.