Need advise on getting a Skinsuit (Velotec or similar-ish)

Hi can you please share your experience with Nopinz road suite? How comfortable and durable is?

Got a custom Nopinz skinsuit 4 years ago in my club colours and it looks & fits today like it did when I got it… I raced a 25 mile TT in it this morning.
The pad is excellent, narrow and designed for use in a TT position… used it in the National 24hr TT with no issues.
I chose the aero pocket but also have another Assos suit with a nopinz speed pocket. The Nopinz suit is far superior to the Assos one which is now just a back up suit in case I break a zip or something at a race.

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I pretty much agree with the post above. Though I cannot yet comment on durability having only worn it like 10-20 times.

I find the skinsuit to also be more comfortable than a bibs + jersy combo. The 2 pockets in the back are very large, so you can carry a ton of stuff in them. All in all I couldn’t be more happy, especially considering the price. Some familiar brand bibs + jersy combos cost a lot more.

Thank you guys! Maybe some sizing advice? I’m 69kg and 179cm

I’m 75kg at 180cm and was adviced to buy a size small by customer support. It fits really well, all nice and snug with plenty length on the arms and legs. The speed pockets sit really flush too.

Nopinz arrived and I’m pretty satisfied with the quality and everything but Brexit :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m from the EU, so I had to pay additional income taxes and similar (and even delivery was 30 euros…) so the price was much bigger than before the Brexit.

I’m 68kg and 179cm and size S fits perfectly.

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Not relevant now but I picked up a nopinz flowsuit (the top of the range one) last year in their Black Friday sale half price so less than 200 quid…a brilliant suit…so if anyone can wait for next year …it’s worth checking in November…plus they often sell out at the start of the TT season anyway! :grinning:


Nopinz often have experimental & test suits on Ebay in the UK if you search for them. I picked up a new CX skinsuit for £60.

Anyone try a Dynamic Suit from Velotec? Very comfortable and plenty of pocket options, very reasonably priced.
I see they have launched a new PRO 8 suit, tested in a windtunnel as their fastest.

nopinz has 10% off right now

I can recommend Kalas

I bought an (unworn) 2nd hand Kalas shorty sleeved skin suit early last year as it was being advertised by a fellow local cycling club member at a ridiculously low price.

It was slightly on the ‘too tight’ side initially but I’ve lost some timber since then and is now an acceptable but reassuringly tight fit as you’d want it to be.

Quality of the garment is good and it has a rear see through’pocket’ for placing a single square race number.

Off yeh shelf prices seem to be reasonable.

I was massively surprised that I even noticed any difference when riding at higher speeds, but actually I (subjectively) did feel faster and (see below) objectively it appears to have made a positive difference to going faster

I suspect that the reasons it was materially beneficial for me were:

  • huge improvement over the baggy / flappy normal jersey / gillet I wear
  • I was more focused and conscious of my position on the bike when wearing it, probably due to better remembering I was trying to be ‘aero’
  • it provided at least some degree of genuine aero benefit over an above the easy gains on the aforementioned baggy gear I usually wear
  • likely some small degree of placebo - albeit to be fair I wore it only once to try and take a 7 mile out and back rolling segment KoM and succeeded in both a PR and the KoM with pretty much the same average power as my previous best (slower) time in near enough identical (no wind) weather / bike setup / road conditions**

**Comparison being over 6.99 rolling miles:
PB prior - 17.9mph average / 241w average/ 23:39 time
KoM - 20mph average/ 249w average / 21:01 time

Hope this helps

The Erodo by the Columbian brand Suarez is a solid skinsuit at a great price point. I snagged one though Cento for CX season, will grab 2 more for next season. Fit was on point and is actually on par with a bespoke measurement Tri-Suite I grabbed from Endorphine last year.