Need advice for training problems while deployed

Hey all, need a bit of advice. I’m currently deployed overseas. I’m lucky in that I have a great gym with a Wattbike. However, I’m struggling through every workout I do. Considerations:

  • I have my FTP set off my Vector 3 pedals at home
  • There are no fans in the gym and I’m sweating like a fiend.
  • I’m getting over a virus and, though I feel okay, I still spend a good portion of the day coughing up a lung.

My strategy so far has been to basically do short VO2 and SS workouts (45mins) just to get at least some time in zone. Even though I’m basically wiped by the end and am starting to dread getting on the bike. Would it be better to either turn down the workouts or the intensity and extend the workout? I’ll be home before I really need to start training for the season, so I don’t want to put myself in a hole here.

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I did the same thing you are describing when I was last in the Stan and I definitely needed to do a new FTP test when I switched bikes. We had three in our little hut, and each measured my output differently, so over time I just came up with a percentage of deviation and applied it to whatever bike I was on. (as you know one often finds themselves with a LOT of free time when deployed, and boredom is a mofo).

Why don’t you get yourself a small fan and keep it in your hooch or CHU or whatever you live in and use it keep things bearable? not a reasonable option?

My .02 would be to not try to improve over there, but just maintain. Focus on the core strength and functional strength that will benefit you so much on the bike when you get back huh? I don’t know where you are, but I can’t imagine anywhere that doesn’t have the folks and equipment to participate in some over all strength via crossfire or something similar…

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