Need a little help on set up. Thanks

Hi Everybody: For the last 10yrs I’ve been using wireless power tap on a electric tacx trainer. The bike never leaves the trainer. It’s been a bomb proff set up and still works. Anyway I was using a old laptop for TR with one of those doggle deals. Worked great but starting to have problems. So I want to use my iphone. Can I my wireless power tap and have power sent to my phone? What do I need. I did do some research but just so much info… Thanks!

Your iPhone only has Bluetooth communication built in to it. I am guessing that your PowerTap hub and Tacx trainer are only ANT+ communication. You would need to get an ANT+ converter for your iPhone to make a proper connection.

I am no Apple expert, but I know there were some ANT+ dongles available. But those were designed for the larger charging port, and would need at least some converter to even connect to the ANT+ dongle. Hopefully someone with more Apple info can help.

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Assuming that your power tap hub is ant+ only, you’ll either need the wahoo ant+ iPhone adapter… which is only made with the 30-pin connector so you’d need a 30-pin to lightning adapter as well… or get the CABLE device which is a little pod the transfers ANT+ signals to BLE for your phone.

The CABLE is the direction I went since the Wahoo dongle and the adapter would have both been more expensive than the CABLE. The only drawback is that you can only have one sensor paired to TR through CABLE at a time, so either power, HR, or your smart trainer. If your trainer has Both ANt+ and BLE then that’s a plus and you can connect that directly to your phone over Bluetooth and then use CABLE to get power over.

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Might also be worth looking at the powertap to see if you can upgrade the Comms from ant+ to dual ant+/Bluetooth. When I bought my G3 there were a mix of units available and they sell the dual powercap separately ?

Here is the dual communication cap for the G3 hub.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond.
Some helpful info. These old powertap hubs just keeping going!