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Q: What’s this?

A: Two flat tires, the end of a ride, and the start of a long walk. First time I really wished I got a more expensive bike – because it would be lighter and easier to carry.

I hit the thing going downhill from right to left; just saw the uphill rim for a split second before going over it, didn’t actually see the downhill part at all. Snakebite punctured both tubes, not sure if the tires are salvagable, but the rims seem undamaged. Surprisingly no loss of control riding on two flats.


On the first lap of a six hour xc race i dropped the chain twice and then it overshifed and jammed the chain between the cassette and spokes requiring me to remove the rear wheel to undo that. Somewhere on the second lap the derailleur got caught up in the spokes locking up the back tire and skidding me sideways after i unmangled that mess it wrapped around the hub again, so i had to remove the rear wheel again and now i only have use of 3 gears. ¾ way through the second lap my rear tire starts going flat and someone loned me a tire pump that barely worked so atleast i was able to get a few pounds of pressure after about 5 minutes of pumping furiously. But wait, thats not all… thankfully i still had the pump with me because it needed refilled again then on the last climb out the front tire went flat :sweat_smile:. So i paid someone 20$ (because it was race day and i didn’t bring my own (and they didn’twant my money btw) for a couple bottles of tire sealant. To start the third lap and at the bottom of the first descent the rear derailleur got completely ripped off the bike and i had to walk back to camp. :laughing: