Nate's Instagram cryptic puzzle

So Nate has posted up a workout (Sleeping Beauty +1) with no warm up and a challenge to guess what he is testing.
I will take a guess - along the triathlon lines - and guess that he is doing some swimming specific exercises (or actually swimming) before jumping on the bike to hammer out some work.

Hope the TR family/community are all doing OK.

(Perth Western Australia).

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Check out Jonathan’s Strava account and I think you’ll figure it out! :wink:


Yes, I recommend you look at them both at the same time

DCRainmaker too…

oh man group workouts would be such a nice feature. Due to the lock down I decided to use my 30-day-voucher for zwift that came with the trainer… and I discovered that just signing up for a groupride increased my discipline enormously. (case in point: I’m gonna do a TR workout today… have been procrastinating the past 2 hours…)

Block Periodization perhaps?

Big hints from DC Rainmaker and GP Lama on the Fit Files podcast that something “very significant” is coming soon from one of the trainer app companies. Hmm…

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He’s doing Sleeping Beauty because he’s just done a deal with Disney+ so we can ride along to our favourite films.

I think Chad is doing Beauty and the Beast…

But…is Chad the Beauty or the Beast :thinking:

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Beauty on the Podcast…Beast on the Bike :joy: :joy: