Nashville visit - how to keep the legs moving?

Will be staying in SoBro area and am trying to find a way to keep the legs moving while in Nashville.

Searched for info on renting a bike in Nashville and found this post on spin studios: Cycling Studio in Nashville?

TripAdvisor has a couple rental companies focused on Bike the Greenway.

Looked at a map and figure Natchez Trace Parkway is a bit too far without a car.

Appreciate any and all suggestions, recommendations, etc.

When are you going to be here and what size bike do you ride?

Pedal Tavern.

Pedal for everyone.

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A couple weeks away, looking to ride Thur the 19th and/or Fri the 20th. Size 58.

Ha ha, the crew I’m traveling doesn’t need drinking/partying encouragement :clinking_glasses: :tumbler_glass::cocktail::beer::tropical_drink:

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Funny, AQI holds up I’ll be in NorCal then for some climbing (Diablo, Hamilton and TBD). Otherwise I’d be up for a Trace ride and providing the transport. My wife has a sweet Canyon Ultimate that could use to be ridden too, but it’s an XXXS (seriously).

Trail & Fitness rents mountain bikes, not sure about road bikes. They’re really close to Percy Warner Park which has trails and a 11 mile paved loop that’s a nice ride and mostly no cars. I’ll update if I find out anything else that might be useful for you!

Thanks, appreciate the offer. Out here the Dixie Fire is main AQI threat, and its a couple hours north of Sacramento. Last night the offshore breeze quit and wind shifted to north, so today was ugly in Sac metro and by the afternoon it pushed down to Diablo and East Bay. Otherwise the riding has been pretty good so far, except for a day last week. Late August and September are when we have more days without the onshore flow, so its starting to feel like time is running out on our good AQI days.

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Nashville local here. At brunch right now and will respond more completely later.

Short version:

There is a nice 25ish mile (there and back) ride along a bike path and greenway that takes you to a dammed lake that you can hop on right outside your door.

There are a bunch of other rides around town you could do as well, but they require a bit more planning.

If you have access to a car, that opens up a lot, including the trace.

As for renting a bike, I’d check with Moab. It’s a quick Uber from where you’re staying. I think they rent.

I am a very slow rider, but if you can handle that, happy to connect.


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Thanks everyone, made it here without drama. What’s this wet stuff falling from the sky in summer?! :scream: Escaped the first forest fire smoke filled apocalypse of the the year and listening to an awesome cover of White Stripes Seven Nation Army at Kid Rocks bar. Martin’s has some sweet BBQ. Fam is monopolizing my time to celebrate a couple new college grads. Hotel spin bike for me. This city rocks :metal:

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