Road shoe recommendation - narrow feet

Hi all,

I’m trying to find a road shoe that will fit me tight enough around my feet (especially at the heel) that I won’t have overtight them to the point where I get numb feet. My issue right now is that my right feet is significantly narrower than my left foot and to get my current shoe (specialized Torch 3.0) tight enough I need to significantly overtight the shoe. Not having my foot tight enough causes instability and then calf pain with my feet moving around a lot under power. So I’m looking at brand/model of shoes that are narrow, especially in the heel area and a high heelcup to help stabilize my right feet. I don’t really have a budget so any recommendations are welcomed.

Thanks all!

One thing you could try, before spending any substantial money, are some slightly thicker aftermarket insoles. They can provide some extra support and padding.

I to have narrow feet and always used SIDI as they are slim but a good insole would probably make any shoe work.

Check out the Giro Empire lace-ups. I have narrow feet as well and find them very snug.

Sidi’s are also a good choice, as mentioned above.

Italian made shoes have been fairly narrow IME, such as the aforementioned Sidi’s.

They’re spendy as hell, but the Side Wire, or Sidi Shot are great for those of us with narrow feet, especially at the heel. Both models have a retention system that you can adjust to tighten the heel cup.

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