Calling All Bigfoots--Big & Wide Suggestions

Getting to that age where my feet have been expanding for a while, and finally hitting a “wall”: I’ve been wearing Specialized size 49s for years now, but over the last few seasons, I’ve been developing a tailor’s bunion on my right foot because the shoes are too narrow.

So now I’m searching for a pair of wide shoes. I ordered a pair of Lake CX238s because I had heard good things about them and they offer a Wide option. But the website i ordered from didn’t list by European size (i.e. 49) so I gave it a shot figuring I could return them. They arrived and they were 47-Ws. Too small. So I ordered a pair of 48-Ws. Fit, but not quite enough room in the toe box. Went to order a pair of 49s. Oops, Lake doesn’t make 49s. Ordered a pair of 50s. I can probably make it work, but they’re pretty roomy.

I’m starting to feel a bit like Cinderella’s sisters, and I’m knee deep in about $1000 worth of shoes at this point. Any other bigfoots out there struggling? Suggestions?

Bont will do a 49 wide…maybe give those a shot of you can find a place with easy returns?

It’s a real hassle finding shoes when you’re at the end of the bell curve for foot size :crazy_face: I’m a 49 medium width on a Brannock device (wearing 14 US sneakers). I ride SPD cleats and just wanted to share a few observations in case helpful…

  • Fizik 48 Terra X5 and Vento shoes fit well, but slighly narrow when it’s hot and my feet swell. Have to stop every few hours to take the shoes off for a few mins when over 80°F
  • Fizik 48 Terra Atlas are narrow torture devices (received as warranty replacement). Anyone want these? Never worn outside the house :melting_face:
  • Bont 50W should fit based on measuring my feet and their specs, but they’re a bit floppy.
  • Giro 49 fit but too narrow when feet swell in heat
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Shimano S-Phyre shoes only go up to a 48, but I’ve found them to be a better fit than my previous Specialized and SIDi shoes. I normally wear a 49. I have feet that are much wider across the knuckles than the rest of my foot, and the S-Phyre accommodate that well.

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Out of the shoes I have nimbl is definitely the widest with the new sworks recon/torch being close behind.

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Bont all the way!

I wear a size 15 in regular shoes and when it comes to cycling shoes size 49 wide with Bont really suits me. I have a high arch so the wide is very comfortable, plus I used a specialized green insert which makes it even better. I’ve logged some long hours and days in them with no foot pain to report on.

If you’re interested in ordering them you could go through George who is on Instagram as smoothpedlar, he is super easy to deal with and he can give you timeline on any shoe you’re interested in or what’s in stock.

What does Bigfoot do to keep his glutes in shape?