MyVeloFit, Online AI Powered Bike Fit

It decreased a bit but still there. Attempting to move the saddle back a bit. Trying to keep to the indoor structured workouts schedule which doesn’t seem to cause an issue, so will know the results tomorrow

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Thank you for sharing this!

I have been battling with feeling like I am reaching for my handlebars. Speaking to my physiotherapist and bike fitter; the bike I have is definitely the right size. I’m 5’7" with a 31" inseam, and ride a size 54 frame.

The price isn’t totally unreasonable, so I will give it a fair go.

BTW if someone has any tips on how to properly hinge at the hips on a road bike I would love to hear it. :slight_smile:


I purchased the Pro package for $75 USD. Here are my thoughts after spending a few hours playing around. Note that while I did read everything on the website I could find I may have missed some stuff. Having said that here we go!

I uploaded around 5 videos within a few hours to get a feel for the platform.

MVF = MyVeloFit

  • I found the website a little disorganized and difficult to navigate. For instance, I’m trying to find my mobility assessment results after navigating away from the page, and am not able to do so. The My Profile link has a link that says See Your Mobility Assessment, though, when I click on the link I get prompted to upload a new video.
  • While this one doesn’t take away much from the overall experience; the website is not immune to the handful of typos I was able to find.
  • I seemed to have gotten myself stuck uploading videos where MVF would have me move my saddle forward by 5mm, then moved back 5mm for my next upload.
  • This layout is a little confusing. At first it seems that there are less entries (e.g. line items) for Your Measurements than there are of Recommended Ranges. That’s not the case, however. The columns are simply not aligned.
  • With the exception of a few measurements, most of my measurements were either at the very low or high range. Very few lined up in other places. That strikes me as a little suspect.

  • I kept seeing a message about only having five uploads remaining for this 24-hour period. I was able to keep uploading after my initial fit to play around without issue.
  • I didn’t have a spare stem available, which prevented me from auctioning their recommendation to shorten my stem by 10mm. I have the stock stem on my bike, which I believe is 150mm. I think this suggestion is referring to stem length. Someone please correct me this isn’t the case.

Overall, the only thing I changed was moving my saddle forward by 10mm. Despite the minor adjustments I did feel better for my first ride on this fit of 90 minutes.

Oh! And do verify your mobility assessment result before going through the actual bike fit. I showed me partner my mobility assessment results, and she noticed that for some reason of another, my forward bend didn’t register properly, and was not assessed properly. Instead, MVF used the knee raise exercise instead. As a result, it scored some of my tests as poor. I do plan on re-doing my mobility assessment and uploading the same fit videos to compare the difference.

Having said that, I suppose the ultimate question is; am I happy with my purchase? Generally speaking, yes. I don’t think it’s perfect, mind you. Given the situation we’re in Ontario, Canada, and the continuance of lock-downs, I’m unable to visit my bike fitter.

I should add that this was merely an exercise for me to learn more about the whole process, play with a new toy, and attempt to get more comfortable on my bike whilst still riding the trainer. Once I’m able to see my fitter I will see what he says.


For those curious; here is what my current fit is looking like after several uploads.

Happy to answer any questions from those who are on the fence about trying out this service.

I would love to hear the thoughts from people who are knowledgeable in the world of bike fitting.


Back looks nice and straight. You are really opening yourself up sharing those socks (teasing for fun!).

Thanks for sharing.


Haha. :laughing:

I don’t wear socks on the bike. What you’re seeing are compression sleeves that I find really comfortable on the bike. I say that totally knowing that I’m opening up myself even further.