MyVeloFit, Online AI Powered Bike Fit

I wonder how well this DIY home fitting app works:


I came here to ask about this!


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I am for sure going give this a shot!


@mcneese.chad - please do and send back a full report. I was going to post on this. I’m really curious how well (or not) this works. If it does work, it seems like a great option. The Pro level ($75) gives you 1 year of unlimited fits for unlimited bike profiles, which seems like a great option to really dial in your position.

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Got to do a bit more research, but leaning towards the $75 option so I can try a ton of bikes (2x road, 1x gravel, 2x mtb, 1x tri) to see what I think on the full range they offer.


Oh yes 100% I’m gonna try it. If it’s half as good as it has the potential to be it’ll be worth it.

Oh weird. I just realized that’s exactly what I said to a friend when AT was announced!

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I’m trying this now. I’ll post some thoughts later today!


Whelp, looks like I’m somehow stuck on “results pending” after about half an hour so that’s not a great sign.

Maybe they took the weekend off? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck. Hopefully it will come through soon. A big delay on turnaround is not ideal, so hoping this is a glitch.

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I’m following this with interest, appreciate that you’re giving it a shot and reporting here. Hope you get your results soon!

Since my bike fit results are stuck on pending, I will share a few images from the mobility assessment, which seemed pretty accurate.


Video finally analyzed! About 90 minutes total. Going to have to do the rest in the afternoon.


Results from first upload

(video below is edited to split out analysis but the video on the site is combined to show both side by side)

Not bad for $35! I think they are struggling a bit with the volume of interest right now though!


I’m quite impressed by that.

Thanks for taking the time to post it all up.


No problem!

I just went and took some measurements against my Tarmac after adjusting the Neo Bike, and the end results are pretty darn close. My Tarmac is very comfortable and fits great so it’s a good baseline to compare against.

I’ll take another video later today of the improved position to upload and keep posting thoughts. So far I’m very impressed and looking forward to messing around with it more.


Silly q: is it done through a computer or an app?

For $35, I’d be very intrigued in comparing it to my in person fit results, which I think are not quite spot on…

You take a video on your phone (or other camera and upload it on the web)

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I was just complaining about my fit in a different thread and planned on waiting to see someone until fully vaccinated, but this may be worth a shot.
I’m wondering if the app can give any input on leg length discrepancy or cleat positioning?

From the looks of it, no. It only looks at one side.


Thanks for the response and again for testing. Maybe still worth a few dollars for me regardless.