MyVeloFit, Online AI Powered Bike Fit

  • This is super common for the people that come to me for fits. It’s often a sign that the functional reach (bar to saddle) is too far for their preference and/or physical limitations. IMO, a proper position should lead to a rider being “at home” with their hands proper nestled against the main body of the hood. This gives best access to braking and shifting controls particularly, but also from a general handling perspective.

  • I think your plan to ride and evaluate makes sense and would urge focusing on the goal of getting to that hand placement for most riding. It’s great to have access to the range of positions, but it’s an issue if people can’t spend time comfortably on the hoods as intended.

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Agreed, thanks. My stem is 100mm long so I could go shorter, if needed, but given how far back my saddle is, I’m not entirely sure it can’t move forward a little to help.

Fezzari, the bike brand, took many measurements when ordering so there’s a possibility I put the new saddle too far back. Looking forward to experimenting!

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Yeah, I thought about mentioning the cross-related saddle position, but I try not to nit-pick that level of stuff with so little info. But it is a potential factor. I could see testing 1cm forward on the saddle and how the pedaling feel remains, as well as reach. If you do that, it may be useful to raise your saddle about 3mm to account for the effective seat height drop with that forward saddle shift.

Always more than one way to get a fit done :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now that I’ve adapted well to the new position, the numbness of certain regions after longer Threshold workouts was starting to annoy me, so I took a gamble to buy an ISM saddle. The PR 2.0 seems to be their most “average” triathlon saddle, and I’m nothing special, so I figured it would fit (it’s not like I chose the saddle that’s on the bike right now). Slowman also noted its popularity and universality here. Anyway, for 100 EUR it seemed worth the risk.

I wanted to refit to this saddle, but as noted before I maxed out my current bike dimensions for improving the fit. Turns out 400mm (instead of 350mm) seatposts are a thing, and so are 130mm stems, so I got one of each (they’re really fairly cheap, and much easier to install than I feared). I also tilted my aerobars upwards a bit more for comfort (and because that seems to be the current fashion among pros). With the new stem and seatpost, I pushed it onto a Performance, instead of Performance and Comfort fit.

Before and after re-fit with ISM saddle:

Total before and after pic:

The bike (stem) is still too small, but I was able to push this road bike a bit further still. The setups above are also in reasonable parameters for regular road riding.

Still very happy with this tool. C race in 2 weeks, which will be the first real test of this.

What I really like is that you can fiddle with things, go forth and back as much as you want, try some riding, see how it influences the angles and feeling, etc. If I ever go to a real fitter, I’ll have a way better idea of what I want and need from them (and consequently, I might have some idea if they have a clue what they’re doing).


When I did it it was easy to get caught up in being neutral and forgoing what my body was telling me. I had trouble with fore and aft a bit only because it never directly told me it was anything other than “Good”. I found a better position using the “balance test” and went from there on the adjustments and it’s been great. Fitters in my area are a crapshoot (Upstate NY). So this is very welcome even for the pro version. Next up is the MTB … because why not


To do the fit, what “views” did you need to video on the bike?

My trainer is setup next to the window, so I can really only get a video of my left side. Would this work?

Yes, one side is enough - most important is that you have some contrast against the background (might be easier to do at night when there’s no light coming in from outside)

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What’s the “balance test”? Is that the one where you try to make sure your arms and ass are equally sore after a long ride? :crazy_face:

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That’s how I understand it!

Started working with the app today in prep for a race (way late on that but another story) and starting to think I might set a record for saddle height adjustment. 4 rounds of “raise saddle 5mm” in a row. I did kinda slam it at one point as I figured higher was riskier than lower, but didn’t think it was that bad.


Anyone do a MTB fit yet?


How does it feel with the new height? Did AI “get it right”?

I am going to do more of a real ride today, it’s still telling me to raise it and I don’t seem to be rocking but now cautious about going to high too fast so may let this play out over a longer time period.

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Does anyone here know of ?

It’s much cheaper and I believe leaves you pretty much within the ball park of a good bike fit. Also it has the added benefit of being able to do recommendations on the best bike for you, given your bike fit results (including prices and asking you what’s your budget, goals, etc.).

Any thoughts on this?
(Also, I’m not sure if I should start a new thread for this, but if I should, please let me know or feel free to move it. MTIA)

I think it’s fine to leave in this topic for now. If there is enough discussion, I can split it out to a separate topic.

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I did the pro version for a year

So far did my tri-bike. I did end up only make a couple minor changes with my hand placement off all things but so far really like the peace of mind that the “self” fit I did was pretty close. I’ve had knee and calf issues from running over the last couple of years.

The process is super easy and doesn’t take much time. I spent more time getting everything set up with a blank back ground and good lighting (afterward I spent too much time faffing about)

I plan to do my road bike in a couple weeks and then gravel bike this fall (which I assume will be already in the right right ballpark), but again mostly for the peace of mind.

I was very impressed with the computer vision aspect. My background had a basement window with bright light, a wall of hanging medals, some shit on a shelf, and a treadmill. The measurement overlays look bang on.

I thought I was going to have to hang a sheet or something, but figured I’d try it once, and it had no issues.


Btw, My results were pretty close/similar to the ones I got 5 years ago with a local bike fit professional using the retül system (couldn’t be exactly the same because I’ve since changed saddle, shoes and pedals). I’ve tested this bike fit with the exact measures and it seems to work perfectly for me. Only caveat is that it is a bit short on measurements. At least the one I did only got me 4 measurements (saddle height, saddle setback, saddle reach and bar drop).

But hey, it’s the cheapest one I’ve found so far :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (around 15$)

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Used it to fiddle with my position on my Gravelbike, and have to say it is pretty nice and relatively easy to use, I think it made my position a bit better then the static bikefit I got at a bikeshop. I will probably invest in a proper bikefit next year but for now it seems to work well. I think the range for knee extension is on the conservative side, but overall I like it.