Bike fit using apps?

I am really conflicted on doing bikefits with pro bikefitters. It just does not feel like it is worth my time and money. Once it took closer to 2 hours, and was about $200. I want to be able to do bikefits that suits me pains and discomforts every other month. I am always developing as a cyclist, and a bikefit once every year is not making too much sence for me, ie, what if I get a sore hamstring one of the weeks, and want to compensate for this in my riding position. Do I really need to go to a bikefitter then?

So lately, I have been looking into bikefit apps. I was so lucky to get in touch with the people behind Apiir, and got to test their app - it worked wonders, and I was able to perform quick and reliable bikefits. They are using AI (artificial intelligence) to do their bikefits ( I am producing higher watt now!

I have also tried some other solutions like myvelofit (, and looked at some yt videos and blogs.

My question is that if I am wrong for having this approach?

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That one leads to a good one on MyVeloFit:

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