My TR Kit just arrived

My TR Kit arrived today. Fits great. Looks fantastic. I’m hoping to give it a wear test this weekend to see how it feels after hours on the bike.

Great job guys.



Awesome to hear! Hopefully we’ll be seeing more and more of these on the roads and trails!

Let us know how it is when you get to try it out!

Fantastic! As they say, if you didn’t put it on IG, it didn’t happen :joy:

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Dis thread needz picks!!!


And in garages and pain caves.

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Not the best photo of me, but here is a snap of me in the TR Kit. It was in the high 40s/low 50s in the NYC area when I went out for a ride on Sunday. I had some bright red arm/leg warmers I was able to pair with the kit.


It looks like the fit is great! Would you concur? Also did you guess on the sizing or did you utilize Jakroo’s customer service to help guide you?

Thanks for the followup photo. Can’t wait until I get mine!

Fit was perfect. Just a bit lose, like I like. I didn’t use the Jakroo’s customer service. I did use their sizing chart and a tape measure. The sizing chart is spot on.



Awesome, mine is showing to be delivered this Thursday.

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Ordered mine today!! They have them in stock or the calendar counter was right and they make it once you order? It was around 2 weeks delivery time.

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I can’t wait to order mine. I’m trying to decide if I want to buy the separate pieces, or go with the thermal LS suit. I’m not about areo really, but the reduced cost and the added benefit of thermal underlining is a plus. Since the LS skinsuit is also cheaper I may go that route as well for now which I hope would help with UV protection (my dermatologist says I’m cursed since I live in North Texas).

Bacalava and you’d look like Dead Pool!

Surprisingly comfortable chamois. Looks like the Assos from 1gen ago. even same color.:thinking:

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Mine was dispatched today, but have to wait for it to reach the UK

I got my jersey and tried it on last night. Perfect fit and the materials are great.

Pics in the future.