'My Rides' Visibility with Zwift [Feature Request]

Related to this, but maybe needs a separate Feature Request… I ride Zwift concurrently with TR to reduce RPE, which feeds back to TR as an Outdoor Workout (TR visual across screen bottom, riding the prescribed power on Zwift). I also occasionally complete Z2 workouts like Pettit Outdoors. I like to use the “My Rides” feature for a given workout to review progress over seasons (“wow that workout was really sucky/really good, i wonder what my notes were for previous completions of this same workout”). I’ve found that any workout i’ve completed through Zwift or Outdoor doesn’t show up in the “My Rides” section though. Would it be feasible for the TR program to include identically named completed outdoor workouts to a given workout’s My Rides file to enable effective review of a given workout over multiple seasons? Thanks for any feedback!

Edit: I forgot, this could also include being able to show TSS on Career as “Trainerroad” (as indoor rides to) instead of “Other”, which would more accurately reflect the multiple forms of TR-based rides vs unstructured rides.

Hey! Just looking for some more context as to what you’re looking for to see if we can help!
You would like… the visibility for TR workouts to be different within Zwift so that you can compare just TR workouts season to season?
Let me know!

Hey Ivy. To clarify, it turned into two related requests:

  1. The “My Rides” section at the bottom of a chosen Workout within “Workouts” only shows history of Indoor completions/attempts. It does not include instances of that same workout that were completed Outdoor with a matched data file. Could “My Rides” be programmed to show both Indoor and Outdoor completions of a given workout?

  2. All rides completed that aren’t Indoor workouts (including completed outdoor workouts) currently show as “Other” on the Training Stress plot that exists in “Career” and “Calendar”. Could completed planned Outdoor Workouts’ TSS be changed to show as “TrainerRoad” TSS instead of “Other” to more accurately reflect the TSS attributable to all completed TR workout formats (inside AND outdoor)?

Thanks for explaining further!
I moved this to its own feature request, and while I don’t know if this is possible on our end, I’ll definitely pass along to the team and we’ll consider putting this on the roadmap based upon interest expressed here on the thread (and of course, based upon wether we can do this LOL).


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I’ve also wondered this as I typically record the ride using zwift or outside then associate the ride in the calendar with the TR workout planned for the day.

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