Scalpel Hi-MOD 1 2021 - lightweight?


Looking for any suggestions how to make this bike a bit lighter?
(Scalpel Hi-MOD 1 | Cross Country Bikes | Cannondale)

It is XL size in my case and weights 10.5kg with xtr pedals and bottle cages.

Obvious candidates for replacements are cassette and saddle, not sure about the wheels, BB and cranks?

Thanks heaps for any suggestions.

Doesn’t look like they’ve left a lot on the table in terms of weight savings.

I think you could save a bit more if you went boutiquey in terms of pedals, seatpost, stem, saddle, handlebars. It depends how light you want to go and what sort of riding you’re doing.

10kg is already pretty jolly light for an XL full sus.

Check out MT Zoom for some lightweight options that are supposedly XC tested. You could go Syncros SL or some other 1200g wheelset. We’re talking big dollars for few grams though.

I think Nino and Anton Cooper (and assumedly a host of other WC racers) run titanium pedals from alternate brands that would save some grams as well. I imagine there’s some durability compromises there, but for a pure bred, no expense spared race machine could be worth it.

If you can find and are willing to spend the dollars, you can save around 30-40g per crank arm by swapping to SiSl2 arms. They aren’t cheap though.

The wheels are around 1500g IIRC, so there are lighter sets to be had if you want.

All in, you are looking at around 3-4k worth of parts for roughly 400-500g of weight. Not a lot of easy weight to be extracted.


thanks guys!

Looks like indeed it is already light and not much space left for weight savings…

But looking forward to have it just under the 10kg mark.

Definitely I am not going to compromise durability vs weight as this is my racing bike.

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