My experience with TR POL plans

1 + 5 + 2 + 1 = 9. Looks like 9 days from what Mathew described.

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I didn’t make any adjustment. Based on what I’ve heard him say, I think this would just change the length of the long ride. I only do crits, and he has mentioned varying the length of the long workout depending on the type of event. If I were doing road races, I’d probably try to do a 5-6h long ride but keep everything else the same. 5-6h could probably still benefit me, but there could be diminishing returns. Frank Overton had a recent podcast calling for super long weekend rides for CX/crits. Right now I’m ok with the plan as I’ve laid it out, and I’ll see how it goes.

I did a FTP test today in prep for the start of the plan. I knew I was about 260 and it came in at 264. I could have bet good money that I was between 258 and 265 and so it turned out.
I used the Kolie Moore protocol which went well.
I will do the ramp test on Monday but I will not be adjusting my numbers based on the result. It doesn’t really suit me as I tend to quit a bit too easily and I dont do much at the top end as far as training goes.

264 is my highest ever, which puts me at 3.3 w/kg. Quite happy with that aged 64.


Good luck and interested to see how the first POL block goes.

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You will, you will :grinning:


There is method in the madness of doing 60-65%, like petit. Just because you haven’t done it, don’t like it etc, is no reason to work around it. As an example:

When I’m out doing an endurance zone type ride, I find it extremely difficult to keep my energy level low, it is more difficult than going for it. When the road rises, or another rider overtakes, and you have to force yourself not push harder, not to chase and draft, instead, get into an easier gear and spin.

It is a pacing discipline!

How will you know if Polarised works if you don’t stick to the exercise intensities.

Extending the hours is altogether different, provided you stick to the intensity.

I don’t intend to do the longer rides, so will replace then with either 2 shorter rides, or modifications of the planned to retain the plan. Depending on the weather I’ll do most of the Endurance rides outside, have already noticed that some, but confusingly not all, are longer outside than indoors?

I’m delighted that the TR team intend to use the data from these experimental plans. Although concerned that the outside rides with Wahoo, may not give them the feedback they hope for?


The first threshold workout today. Capitan. 4 * 8’ @ 100% 2 mins rest.
Doable but the last effort was hard. Not looking forward to 4 * 16’ @ 102% in a few weeks time.

Anybody else on week 1 of HV POL.

Just starting the first week, did my ramp test and now Sheep Mountain (4x8’ @ 100%) 4m rest, total of 80" of riding. Should be interesting since i haven’t done proper intensity in a while

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A quicxk blog post of my first week of HV plan.


I have just finished week 2 of POL 6 weeks base plan. Its amazing and i really like it.

After the first 6 weeks block i will do it for a 2nd time and then do the 8 weeks builder POL. Selected mid range and that is okay for me.


Good news. Keep up the good work and keep us in the loop on how you are progressing.

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I went overboard I think with the POL thing.

Took today off. Might do a writeup when I’m done, think I’m quite a bit ahead of everyone else here as I pre-empted the launch and started POL training a couple weeks before official launch.

Think next week will be the end of my HV 8 week build POL plan. Have quite a few observations to date, but really need to test after some recovery and see if it’s been worth the hours I’ve put in which have been… rather hefty.


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.