My Best Protein Shake Recipe

I stumbled upon my best post recovery ride recipe yet, so I thought I’d share. I’ve been looking for a way to keep my energy up after a hard workout, especially if it’s a pre-work ride. Typically, this means brewing some coffee to have along side my protein shake. I had some iced coffee sitting in the fridge along with some SIS vanilla protein powder, which if you are like me, you think is gross in plain water. Then the idea hit me:

150ml iced coffee
300ml water
2 scoops vanilla protein powder
1 scoop chocolate protein powder.

Let me know what you all think, and share your favorite way to spice up your protein shakes.


Mine is even simpler:

  • 8 oz Almond Milk - I’m lactose intolerant
  • 2 scoops Isopure coffee protein powder (link goes to Amazon)
  • Some peanut butter - organic, that is just peanuts with a little salt, no added sugar
  • Spinach - so long as it is fresh, it doesn’t add any flavor

Olive Oil
Whey Protein
Whole Milk.

2c frozen blueberries
1.5c milk
2tlbs sugar
1 scoop choc whey

1.5 Cups of FairLife Chocolate Milk (less sugar more protein)
1 Banana (frozen will given better texture)
2 Tablespoons Peanut Butter

I actually don’t add any powder protein and just call it good from protein I am getting from the milk and peanut butter.


Fairlife is great tasting chocolate milk I will have to try this one.