My 2nd EVERESTING just 2 weeks after the 1st

After my first Everesting that was 2 weeks ago a 10k on a 8km climb that i’ve talked about here: My 10k Everesting (1st one but not the last one) I went last saturday for the Suburban 8.848m Everesting on a shorter 2km climb from main town to were I live averaging 6.4% that had to be done 69 times in 13h33 moving. And at the end of the day surprise! surprise! I’ve done my personal record on the… 69th climb :grin:

Main reason for having such good legs at the end was the Over 30° celsius around noon that made me slow down a bit and therefore save some strenghts for later when it got cooler.

Some pictures: not able to upload right now on the phone, not sure why… I’ll check later on the laptop. EDITED LATER WITH PICS :slight_smile:

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BASE (just car with coolers)

Going down :slight_smile:

Going UP! UP! UP!

A shot of myself on the steepest (over 11%) and bad surface part LOL

And the image from the end of the climb also over 11% but with better surface :slight_smile:


Just included some pictures finnaly on the 1st post. Enjoy.