Muscle gain vs losing weight

Simple yet probably dumb question. I’ve noticed that a few threads on the TR forum discuss weight loss during a training period. Sometimes it seems that people set out with intention of losing weight, others just experience it. However, I’m pretty sure that I’ve managed to totally buck the weight loss trend and add a kg, maybe even two.

I’m not unduly concerned about this as I’m absolutely convinced (hold tight, possible big head moment…) that the weight is due to an increase in muscle mass. I have NEVER had the definition in my legs that I’ve currently got.

You folks see all of the workouts that I do via the forum. Low Volume, nothing particularly special. Has anyone else noticed a trend like this? Do you seem to add weight in a similar fashion? Or, am I just stuffing my face and need to get my eyes checked?

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Do a week where you count all your calories. Weigh your food and wright everything, let me say that again Everything, down and then do 200-300kcal less the next week and see what happens. Worked for me and I am doing about a pound per week at the moment.

I have the same, but I go to the gym two times a week next my LV plans with TR.
I am much leaner now and have more definition in my muscles.

I am not sure how you trained, ate and rested before, so if you are more structured now in your training, food and sleep you will see more changes then when your are only training and not paying attention to your food and sleep.

I lost 15KG between April 2018 and December 2018 and now half way through GBLV1 I gained a 1KG I believe, but I am not that bothered with that as the muscles mass percentage/fat percentage changed favorable (measured on my scale, not a really expensive/high end scale, but since I’ve been using it from the start of the weight loss it’s fine to track the changes).

My veins now are really popping when I do bicep curls, not that I strave to have that at all times (outside of the gym), but it’s a confirmation that I’ve dropped my fat percentage.

It would be great if I can drop another 2 to 3 kg by the time my A-events start in April, but I am not going to be extra restrictive in my diet to get there as long as I measurably getting better(FTP, weights in gym, muscles mass vs fat percentage).

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I’m trying to lose weight and increase my FTP, and have been monitoring my nutrition and calorie intake over the last seven weeks.

A couple of things I have taken from it.

  1. My weight loss will be very gradual, as its really hard to adequately fuel for intensive exercise, and a relatively decent weekly TSS (400+) whilst running a calorie deficit

  2. Whilst my weight may not drop quickly my body composition appears to be changing more rapidly, with more muscle mass in the legs (obviously!). General clothing fit is also different.

I’m thinking of taking tape measurements during the next phase.