Multiple users of same rig (TrainerRoad Device, PC)

Hi guys,

I’ve been using a smart trainer for a while to train for MTB DH & Enduro and my wife, also an MTBer, has recently signed up for a TR account and is also very much enjoying pushing her limits.

One shortcoming of sharing a single trainer rig is ensuring that the correct account is logged in. In fact, the process of starting TR, logging out, closing TR, starting TR again, and logging into the other account is kind of… klunky.

It would greatly ease the process if there was some way to select between two previously authenticated accounts during the TR startup, much like Zwift and other applications do already.

Is this something that could be added to the pipeline as a fairly simple development activity? It would seem to be a very useful feature for shops, teams, and multi-lunatic/single-rig households like ours…

Congrats on the recent calendar rollout, BTW. Great work!

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For clarity, what device are you using to run TR?
(PC, Mac, iOs mobile, Android mobile)

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Training rig uses a PC, although I imagine the feature would also be useful on Mac, maybe a little less so on Android/iOS as these devices tend to be more personal…

I’ve looked at at multiple Windows accounts, but that just shifts the issue from logging in/out/in from TR to Win10… and that takes even longer! :smiley:


Agreed. It is likely to apply to Mac as well.

I updated the title, category and tag for easy reference and use by TR reps.

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This might be a interim option…

On windows, you could try the ‘run as different user’ feature. You’ll still need a second windows user account, but you won’t need to switch users. From the primary user account you can hold shift, then right click on the desktop icon, and then choose ‘run as different user’ (something like that) It will ask you to log in to the other windows user account.

I’ve used this in the past with Skype for example, but can’t confirm that this works with TR.


There was a suggestion on FB to do an option like Netflix has for multiple accounts/users. I suspect this is in the que somewhere, but lower on the list.

Hamilton probably has the easiest suggestion for you for right now. ONce you get stuff running for each user, switching should not be too difficult.


Just tried this, can confirm it works relatively seamlessly on Win 8.1… Good workaround.

I had to modify a registry entry to allow execution as a different user without assigning a password to the dummy account, just to make life a bit easier.

On Win 10, it seems to be a bit more involved, and access to the “run as different user” menu option seems to depend on exactly which patch-level your Win10 build is currently running… Also may require some group policy changes. So I just booted back into the stone age to make life easy.

Another option I came across is on Win10 is using the “runas” tool, or bundling the .exe in a batch script which does much the same.

A pre-execution TR modal for account selection would certainly be a little less intricate and more intuitive for the user, but this approach definitely makes life easier for our situation!

Thanks all!