Multiple user/equipment profiles

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So I use stages bikes in the gym for TR workouts. We have 3 bikes on the main floor and I normally use one for consistency but it has been taken away for maintenance. So I got onto another bike and I can clearly feel a difference in power output vs what I put out into the cranks.

Is there a way to create equipment-specific profiles so switching from one bike to another doesn’t cause new FTP and new PLs which will be out of date when I switch again?


Not answering your questions… are you able to zero offset the power meters? I was able to do that for many years, and that really helped as some bikes were off. Then they locked out the zero reset, both the quick button pushing, and via the menu.

Hey @LarrytheStanimal,

It might be worth downloading the Stages Cycling App and calibrating the bikes. Stages recommends doing this “once a week or before any critical event or fitness test.”

For more info on calibration check out the link to their support article below.

I do zero offset each time…

on the Stages SC3 computer? Or via an app on our phone. Just curious. Like I said, we’ve had Stages SC3 bikes at the gym since 2015 and from 2015-2021 the zero offset could be performed simply using the Stages SC3 computer (double button press, or via menu).

I use the calibrate function on my Garmin that connects to the power meter.

I also have a Stages (Gen3) power meter on my MTB and I know these things are much better at relative measurement than absolute measurement. But I think when 2% difference between one power meter and another means passing or failing threshold workouts, a separate user or equipment profile on the app would be helpful. But I can also see the level of effort to create this functionality might not be justified if only a small minority of users have this problem.

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Hey @LarrytheStanimal,

Sorry I didn’t answer this question earlier. There isn’t a way to create any sort of equipment-specific profiles or offsets. A proper calibration is supposed to resolve this issue.

What model of Stages bike are you using? I’d be curious to see how the third bike feels in comparison to the other two. This could help to pinpoint which of the three feels most different.

It might be interesting to see how that first bike feels once it comes back from service too…