More Seat Setback on 2019 Trek Checkpoint SL7

Anyone know of any after market products or particular saddles with longer rail options to accommodate pushing my seat further back? I have what I believe is the set back seat post mast for Trek so that is not an option. I changed saddles from a much thicker (taller) one to a saddle I really like from my road bike in order to slightly lower the saddle height, however I feel way too far over the BB and am constantly trying to get further back when I ride. I can always try to go back to the prior saddle or perhaps there is a shorter seat mast from Trek that would accommodate my prior saddle better (somehow this idea just popped in my head despite having been looking for a solution for some time now).

Anyway, any long railed saddles that permit really getting them back are appreciated. I’ve tried all 5 saddles I have laying around with no luck.