Suggestions for a dropper for Spark

I’m looking for a suggestions for a dropper seatpost for a Scott Spark Pro 2019 M (100/100).

I have 72cm seat height and bike is Medium and riding xco and xcm and that would be my first dropper so I’m not sure which one to pick to have enough of drop but not too much additional weight because I’m already at 11kg…

I would like to avoid horizontal lever because I already have twinlock…

I’m using the pnw bachelor post on my Spark with their vertical dropper lever the puget. Looks like they replaced the bachelor with the loam. it works well

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I have the oneup v2 on my 2020 RC and I highly recommend it. Their insert length is small, and drop long, which is great for a bike like the spark. It also has an adjustable drop if one of the options is just a little too long. I have the RF 2x lever and I like it a lot.

FYI, the 2x fox one is fucking shit. Don’t even bother. I tried it, and it’s worse than garbage.

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I have the following on my Spark RC:

Is it 10cm enough for a spark 100/100 for XCMs and a few XCOs?

Should be enough unless you’re extremely tall. On my Spark I have 125mm and I’m 6’1” (185cm).

I’am 179cm with short inseam (82cm) and spark is M size