Moxy monitor Kickstarter for muscle oxygen

Any thoughts on the usefulness of the muscle oxygen data from moxy monitor? They have a new Kickstarter out:

That uses their existing sensor with a new portal and app to direct you in your workouts. To me it seems like they are just trying to get you to hit targets for muscle oxygen amount but in a way too generic way. So great if you are looking for an edge and have very good self control but not that easy to follow.

Wish more training platforms would use the sensor data to make it more useful to have that data but not so sure how useful it is now

Anyone think this is useful?

Not sure, but I only found two related threads with any actual discussion:

Would be nice to feed that data into the machine learning to improve the model

I had a BSX oxygen monitor before that company imploded.

I never managed to find any way to get meaningful data that changed my training. I think it is far too fringe yet to make it worthwhile. We are just now starting to find ways to train to running power with something like Stryd. I measured oxygen in my legs. It was less when I worked hard and more when I went easy. That is about all it ever seemed to mean. BSX suggested all these ways it could be useful when I bought it, but it never really panned out

Bsx measured your calf muscle, need to measure a muscle more directly used for cycling. It also wasn’t that sensitive to get good data. Did seem good for defining thresholds which is what tr is trying to do with their new modeling.

Does seem like muscle oxygen is the next useful data point to collect after power. We have heart rate that tracks your cardiovascular system, power meters to measure what you’re putting out. Muscle oxygen gives a view into how much your muscles are actually working. As low hanging fruit is picked off it will only get more complex to interpret the data

I used the humon sensor. They did a great job engineering a great product. I tried really hard, but was unable to find the oxygen data useful in any way other than it showing a difference between a proper warmup and an improper warmup.

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I am going to give one of these a shot. I plan to try and use it to determine when I should cut the intervals as they become counterproductive with muscle oxygen dropping…