Moving calendar around my 1 day a week cycle commute

After just completing my last Mid-volume plan running from the beginning of the year, my goal event and a bit of a break to enjoy some adhoc riding, I’m back on a plan, this time MV Polarized.

I wanted to give Polarized a go because I wanted to spend more time outdoors through summer and the Z2 volume appealed.

My problem is Tuesdays - when I commute into the city on my bike (~1hr each way). It was always 2-5min vo2 intervals before, which I could just about manage with an extended route and planning the start of each interval well.

Now, my Tuesdays are full of much longer threshold intervals (Double, Ursla Gora, Kaweah etc) that’ll be difficult to do consistently on my commute no matter where I detour or extend. There is no hill long enough anywhere within detour range either :frowning:

I see 3 options;

  1. Swap my Tuesday Theshold with Thursday Endurance, but this splits my 2hr Endurance workout into 2 - there and back.

  2. Move Tuesday Threshold to empty Wednesday and treat commute as extra Z2 volume

  3. Leave as-is and complete Threshold on an extended commute as “best effort” - accepting there will be breaks in intervals to navigate junctions, traffic, roundabouts etc.

I’m leaning towards 2. as this seems like the highest quality option short of just doing it indoors on the trainer. but I’m keen to get some more experienced opinions



Another vote for option 2.

But keep it at the Z1.5 end of Z2. :wink:


If my plan has a rest week I’ll slot my Tuesday commute in instead of that but normally I just treat the commute as extra Z2 and do the workout after. Its usually when I get home as I don’t have a free Wednesday but if I did I’d probably do it then.

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