Mountainbiking made me buff?

bit of sarcasm and making fun of myself maybe.

I started my cycling …ahum…career in 2015 when i fell in love with cyclocross. CX is still my #1 sport and main focus of the year. But in the recent year i’ve started to do more and more MTB XC/ marathon riding.
For a good number of years, my bodyweight has been fairly stable at 82-83 kg (181-183 lbs) at 189 cm (6’2"), so not lightweight, but just normal healthy weight. In the last year though the weight has been creeping up and up to currently 87-88 kg (192-194 lbs) and its not going down again. So i have to assume that MTB’ing has made me stronger and more muscular, …

Or it could just be the whole 'rona situation and me working from home a lot with little to no additional movement.

Haha, I had a similar thing over the winter when I decided to do a really focused block of swimming. The extra 5lb were definitely my weedy little triceps and absolutely in no part due to my lower cycling/running volume, or because swimming makes me inconsolably hungry and sleepy.

I run a lot so I usually prefer being a bit lighter, but floating a bit better and not freezing during the winter did have it’s advantages.

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Start spending a lot more time riding downhill on a 40 pound bike, see what that does to your back and shoulders. Bonus points if you pedal up.

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Take a shirtless bathroom mirror selfie and post it to Tinder.

The number of responses you get will answer that question for you. :sweat_smile:


I did notice a bit of extra muscle around the core indeed, not 6 pack, more barrel…