Most pointless upgrade

Always see lots of posts about the best bang for buck upgrades be it a power meter, aero wheels or a years sub to TrainerRoad.

How about the most pointless upgrade you’ve done?

I’ll start with I just saved ~6 grams with ti water bottle bolts! They are very cool, very 90s looking oil coloured but I’d save more weight cutting my hair!


Red pinstripe to take my boring black/gray bike to “splashy”.
1 Watt lost from added weight of non-functional fluff :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lighter weight chainring bolts. :slight_smile:


An old endurance MTB racing trick was to replace water bottle bolts with cleat screws so you’d have a spare if you lost one during a race…


carbon presta valve caps

j/k :wink:


The valve caps have only one place where they fit: in the trash can. Real cyclists like their Presta valves fully exposed!


Naked Valves FTW!!! :boom:


I’m way too much of a cheapskate OCD engineer to ever have committed a “pointless upgrade”.

That I would admit to.


100% with you in the summer but winter roads in the UK mean the valves need some protection!

I spent $600 to change from Shimano to 1x Rival. Huge waste, even on a CX bike.

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I once thought zero gravity brakes were a good idea.

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Carbon Bottle Cages. Even the superb Arundel ones. Completely pointless.


I’ll second this one (the carbon bottle cages)

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This seat cheapo full carbon seat to save a few grams.

I actually rode with it on the trainer for about 1 month before I couldn’t take it anymore. I was trying to convince myself all was good. :grimacing:


Guilty of going full weight weenie on my Colnago Tecnos build (2000 steel frame) - carbon cages, ti bottle cage bolts, ti headset bolt, 135g Selle Italia saddle, ti skewers; however…it came out to 18.4 lbs, exact same weight as my ti/carbon CT1, so there’s that


18# steel bike is impressive :+1:t4:

Is it bad I can’t think of anything?

Hopefully going from 3x10 to 1x11 on the mtb is not a pointless upgrade (as you’re getting a lot less range) but that’s about it

Titanium water bottle cage bolts & stem bolts never corrode.

Just sayin’…


And there is my new ‘reason’ for having them, no longer pointless!

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I love this thread :metal:

We are all probably guilty of something like this at some point…

I think the most pointless upgrade I’ve ever seen – and only installed once – is the SILCA ‘speed shield’ that comes with their tubeless valves. It is supposed to make your valve more aero. Wow.